How to cook loofah

How to cook loofah


  • 1 What is the plant loofah?
  • 2 prepare a dish loofah 2.1 ingredients and amounts 2.2 Preparation
  • 2.1 almkvnat valmqadyr
  • 2.2 Preparation

What is the plant loofah?

The loofah is a herbal plant dark green, but the color bright at the same time, which are jagged leaves texture a little bit, and the shape of her paper-like in the heart, and this plant is similar to a large plant fairly called (Alrqitae), but the difference between them is that loofah plant uniform color, but Alrqitae plant is mottled plant patches black, and features a plant loofah advantage strange is that they are toxic in all its parts, and in spite of this, but there are people who are looking for this plant to become food for them, and this plant is often desirable for many of the peasants of Palestinians, when eating this plant person feels intense burning sensation due to the presence of incendiary material hold the tongue for speech -magueta- because of the severity of this article, it is difficult to speak of dealt with the severity of Zatha !!

Prepare a dish loofah

almkvnat valmqadyr

  • 250 grams of loofah (this plant is available in stores or can be harvested from the mountains).
  • Medium-sized grain of onions.
  • 500 grams of excellent white flour.
  • half cup of olive oil.
  • A little water.
  • salt.
  • A grain of fresh lemon

How to prepare

  • At first we clean loofah and picking the leaves from the stems, when cooked use only the leaves, and then Nfaramh and put it in a deep bowl and put it a little bit of salt, and begin to rub it for a long time.
  • After we finish rubbing loofah leaves we wash them well to guest dirt, salt and some flavored blistering of it.
  • Then Nfaram onion into squares, and put them on the fire in a saucepan, and add them the amount of oil to fry it.
  • After that I transferred him add the onion chopped loofah and Nhrkh on medium heat for some time, and then add a little water and let it boil for some time on a quiet fire.
  • Then we Bjn the amount of flour with a little water, and then begin to rub the flour between the palms of your hands, becomes the dough Vtata-shaped filaments of dough, and continue to do so until we finalize all the amount of flour.
  • After we finish the preparation of the dough to make sure that the fire boiled loofah ripe to complete the cooking dish.
  • After the dough is cooked loofah put previously prepared in the same pot in which it loofah, and let it boil with loofah while stirring carefully until the dough is cooked.
  • After the cooked loofah dish with the dough is in the bowl, and a little bit of it Nasr lemon offers immediately.


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