How to cook eggs

How to cook eggs


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  • 2 How do you cook eggs
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  • 3.1 Ingredients
  • 3.2 Preparation
  • 4 eggs eyes 4.1 Ingredients 4.2 Preparation
  • 4.1 Ingredients
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  • 5 Alchukhukh 5.1 Ingredients 5.2 Preparation
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an introduction

Best known for the Arab world for his love and strong turnout on food, work since ancient times to communicate with the most prominent ways that will offer delicious Arabic dishes, which highlights the extent of Arab women's ability to reach the heart of man through their food on his table, and our food is divided into three between three meals a Chairperson, namely breakfast, lunch and dinner, and of course the sections of meals that can be dealt with at the breakfast could also be addressed at the dinner; Because they are light in the first place, and contain a variety of classes covering the needs of the entire family.

How do you cook eggs

The eggs of varieties that can be eaten during the day in general, even in times of noon, there is no objection to any person to be addressed as long as they are available at the present time, of course, the egg comes to us from several quarters, and there are eggs that we get from the chicken or the bathroom, etc. of birds in our world, it is natural that all kinds of eggs that are possible to be cooked and eaten in general, it is also natural that there are specialists to cook eggs in all its forms, and in many ways if you want to, you can follow anyone from famous people in their ability to cook, It will help you to choose how they cook eggs as you bring fun even to eat.


It is very old and famous way since time immemorial, a method of cooking the eggs so that shows you like one piece, and known that this method helps mothers CARROT children addressed; Because it is more like a Balaftyrh, prepared and follow the following:


  • Three eggs.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • Workshop Black Pepper.
  • Tablespoon oil frying.
  • Workshop parsley.
  • Dill Workshop.
  • A small piece of butter.

How to prepare

Then break the eggs in a deep bowl, and work on Khvgaha until mixed with white Balsafar, and then Add the salt and black pepper, in the meantime, place the pan on the fire, and add to the butter and oil, and after protecting a little you can add dill and parsley to the oil, and leave it even slightly fade a little, and after you get green withered Add eggs, and try to move eggs without a spoon, so that affects all the edges of the dish, and when moving eggs in all sides eased beneath the fire, you will notice that it began to mature in a very short time, and when it dries all the liquid mixed Turn the eggs with a spoon of wood, and beware that you tore them up, and then directed to a flat dish, so you get the famous omelet dish, preferably this method to use the pan that do not stick to the food, to succeed in the output of the dish as you want.

And there is omelettes another way, where is added to milk while whisking the eggs completely, and this makes it more useful and rich in general, and also you can add to it a little starch to give him fragile, and some try to use him bread crispy to give him the delicious taste, with a glass of juice in the early morning hours, but the way in which we talked about in the first place more acceptable than others.

Eggs eyes

Eyes and eggs known in the Syrian and Egyptian dishes, and depends primarily on the cooked yolk on its shape as it is, while the white runs on the dish to give a form that resembles the eye, hence the label came, and the method is very easy to prepare, especially for those used to prepare it, and most importantly, to be able to move it from the pan after it is cooked, so do not disintegrate the yolk you have, and lead to the loss of the desired shape.

And you need to prepared the following:


  • Four eggs.
  • A quarter cup of oil.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • Workshop Black Pepper.

How to prepare

Place oil on the fire in a pan, and having protected a little oil break eggs into the pan, and try to keep their shape as it is without changing or moving the eggs, and after the start of cohesion from the bottom move the entire pan to make sure they are easy to transport, and after mature from the bottom then one movement of her heart, and try not to pierce the yolk, and then directed to the dish, put it salt and black pepper.


These are the roads months followed by Chef Hassan in the preparation of eggs in his daily program, where he prepares Alchukhukh or the so-called eggs and tomatoes at a time, and is considered one of Egypt's popular diets that the population is mainly adopted; Due to the wonderful taste, ease of preparation, in addition to their ability to reach your limit to satiety, and give you integrated nutrients found in vegetables such as vitamins and others, and to prepare Alchukhukh, follow these steps:


  • Four eggs.
  • Pepper turkey.
  • Tomatoes.
  • garlic.
  • hot pepper.
  • milk.
  • Two tablespoons of flour.
  • Spoon milk.

How to prepare

Bring the pan, preferably be of large size, oil mode, and wait a bit until heated, then add the garlic mashed with chili on fire, and when it changes color slightly Add peppers and tomatoes, and waited until a little faded completely, then add the eggs to the pan, and then move it completely, and make sure that infects eggs all the ingredients in the pan, then add to the mixture of starch, milk and flour, it makes them more coherent, and makes it taste great, then enter it the oven for a quarter of an hour until one layer, and then become ready Heat to offer the dish, and there are those who do without starch, it is known that these secondary, any components can be dispensed with in general.

Potatoes with eggs

A Palestinian origin, where they are prepared by mixing eggs with potatoes after eaters to simmer a little bit, so you get an integrated dish deferral, and delicious at the same time, and then prepare it thus:


  • Eggs.
  • Potato.
  • Pepper turkey.
  • parsley.
  • Onion.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • Workshop Black Pepper.

How to prepare

To prepare this dish should provide all the ingredients before you start preparing:


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