How to cook chard

How to cook chard


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Blanching belongs to the family of leafy vegetables, which is very rich in minerals and vitamin C lobby, and the island of Sicily residents know this plant and they bake, and used in some dishes, and plant chard is a green paper and legs thick, is an important element in the eastern kitchen, where he cooking an essential ingredient, and cooking with popular cuisine specific to certain countries (such as sumaghiyyeh, and chard with lentils) in Palestine, and (Barrak) in Libya, and (taro) in Egypt, and before fighting in the description of how to prepare these popular dishes, we'll show the value food Steamer.

The nutritional value of the boil

  • It contains a large amount of water, which explains that the thirst for boiling pushes the body.
  • Very useful for followers weight system weight loss, it does not contain too much calories.
  • Chard parsimonious of sugars, so it will be beneficial for diabetics.
  • Swiss chard is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin (C) and (B).
  • Chard is rich in essential minerals useful to the body (such as iron, calcium, potassium, manganese).
  • Contains two sets of antioxidants, which protects red blood cells from exposure to severe oxidative, these antigens are (flavonoids, Alpittalanat).

Blanching in popular dishes

As mentioned earlier, the chard enters the cooking of many popular dishes, where we will start from the Gazan kitchen Ventaraf on COOKED (sumaghiyyeh) Valslq an essential part in this broth, and then heading to the Libyan table Ventaraf on eaters (Barrak), is chard basic element, then go to the Egyptian taste. We talk about (taro), which used the sap boiling, and finally Naidkm Shami to the kitchen to get to know (chard and lentils), and the name of this broth, we find that an important element of the chard along with lentils.


This is famous for its popular broth in Gaza City in Palestine, so as to provide a happy meal after concerts and events, and the way you prepared:

Ingredients: Ingredients (enough to make four dishes).

  • Boil package (kg).
  • Oz sumac love.
  • Kilo onions.
  • Half a kilogram of meat (more or less as desired).
  • Half ounces of Homs love.
  • Half a kilo red tahini.
  • green pepper.
  • Pepper activities, Salt.
  • Garlic (as desired).
  • Vegetable oil.
  • Oz white flour.

How to prepare

  • We soak chickpeas before the night of preparation to facilitate the process of cooking with the meal.
  • We wash well boiled, and the best way to do this is to put it in a pot with water for five minutes, and get rid of the corrupt chard leaves.
  • We cut chard to cut small.
  • We cut the meat Tkotaiaa average, is boiled and processed.
  • We cut the onion pieces medium.
  • We put love sumac in a pot with what Ngleh, and then get it out after boiling and put it Balkhalat, and we are placing it in the refinery so that it is filtered.
  • We PDQ green peppers with garlic, and a little salt.
  • We come empty Biina and we put it on the fire at high temperatures.
  • The vegetable oil is placed, and then put the chopped onion and is Tkulaibh until it becomes a golden color.
  • Is put chopped boiled and pre-cut meat and onions are Tkulaibh with.
  • The chopped chard and chickpeas mode, and the components are integrated with each other inside the pot.
  • Water is placed sumac record previously.
  • Then we put pepper and garlic accuracy, with a pinch of chilli salt and crushed (as desired), and we stir well.
  • We then add a white flour on the pot and is stirring well; So do not clump flour.
  • Having put all these ingredients we add red tahini, and is stirring in a circular motion until homogeneous components.
  • Leave it for half an hour on low heat.
  • It is then poured in the dishes, eaten hot or cold, and they better eat cold.



  • Boil package (kg).
  • Half a kilo of minced meat.
  • Onions.
  • Mint.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Tomato paste.
  • Margarine.
  • Spices.
  • rice.
  • salt.

How to prepare

  • It is washed by boiling and put it in a bowl with water for five minutes.
  • The chard leaves for legs separated.
  • Keep chard leaves in a vase with water, and put on the fire for seven minutes.
  • Prepare the filling method: Soak a cup of rice and put it in the pot after filtered. The meat is put chopped tomato paste and spices on rice. We cut the onion and tomatoes into small pieces and are placed on rice. It is placed little ghee (as desired). Move the mixture is well; So homogeneous components.
  • Soak a cup of rice and put it in the pot after filtered.
  • The meat is put chopped tomato paste and spices on rice.
  • We cut the onion and tomatoes into small pieces and are placed on rice.
  • It is placed little ghee (as desired).
  • Move the mixture is well; So homogeneous components.
  • We come empty Biina and put it a little vegetable oil, and put the stalks bottom, and chard.
  • Keep stuffing on paper and chard we roll, just like the preparation of grape leaves.
  • The chard leaves stuffed row over legs in the pot.
  • Keep it a little water, even Ngmr face, then simmer on medium heat for only a quarter of an hour.


(Egyptian eaters) Ingredients:

  • Kg of taro.
  • Half a kilo of meat is chopped.
  • Half a kilo boiled.
  • Pack green coriander.
  • Medium onion.
  • Medium-sized tomato.
  • Large lemon, chicken broth cube.
  • Spices (black pepper, ginger, nutmeg, Hill crushed, cumin, cloves crushed)
  • salt.

How to prepare

  • Boil the meat in a pot after being washed well Honor, so it added a grain of onion and tomato after Tkotaiahma, and then leave the fire until cooked.
  • In addition to meat, chicken broth, spices and salt.
  • It is washed taro and cut into cubes, and there are those who prefer to wash with lemon, or wash the day before the preparation of the broth.
  • We cut the green chard with coriander, then put it on the fire until boiling, then drain.
  • We are developing a mature taro over the meat, then put boiling water and coriander (drained), and let the fire until maturity.
  • The reddening chard and coriander shortening until it becomes dry and become dark green color, and then placed on the face of the dish after slopping.

Chard and lentils

It is a famous eaters in the Levant in general (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine), characterized by this food from others that it is very economical, as the components of a simple and inexpensive, especially in the Arab markets, in Palestine, for example, sufficient amount of two dinars to prepare the broth, and cook in Winter; Because it gives the body heat and the warming.


  • Half a kilo lentil crushed.
  • Kilo boil.
  • Onion, garlic, dry locusts, activities, salt.

How to prepare

  • We come and we put a pot over medium heat, then put a little vegetable oil.
  • We cut a large-sized onion and put them in the pot, and is agitated until it becomes golden color.
  • Add water to the pot, then add the lentils crushed.
  • Put a little salt and chili, and leave it on the fire of a medium-sized for a quarter of an hour.
  • We wash it by boiling and by placing it in a bowl of water for five minutes, then we Finely chop.
  • Keep boiling in a pot of lentil section, and leave it with him in order to Etjans for a quarter of another hour.
  • We peel the garlic (as desired) and then add them to the locust and we By raising, with a little salt and chilli.
  • Add the garlic and accuracy to the pot with locust little cumin.
  • Cook all ingredients in the pot on low heat for another five minutes.

As to the boil many benefits, we recommend everyone that they washed well when used, because the dust quickly attached to it, as advised to be disposed of by the legs extreme for thick, and we also have to pay attention to those damaged leaves, then we should not use it in cooking, God Adam we grace upon you, and the health you well.

Video chard

It is rich in leafy plants with vitamins and multiple minerals, similar in shape spinach leaves. You know here on the way it is prepared in this distinctive and delicious recipe:


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