How to cook artichokes

How to cook artichokes


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Artichoke is a diet that is different from a lot of people in the way of cooked and prepared featuring Btamha and tasty and different ways that can be used to cook artichoke is what Snorda in the following article

Peel way

It is peeling a grain of artichoke and remove the inside of the internal Azaab using a small spoon and after doing so, we put pieces of artichoke in water and be by the amount of lemon juice District does not turn the black color and the sooner the better, and banish it also after you put it in water and juice lemons we add a tablespoon of flour and a teaspoon of salt and leave it in boiling for six minutes Shucks tend Azaab internal coughs a small spoon To cook artichokes follow the following method


  • Three grains of artichoke
  • Pill Islands We Ptkotaiaha small pieces
  • Tablespoons of ghee
  • a potato
  • Cube of chicken stock
  • The amount of lemon juice
  • Four glasses of water
  • Three tablespoons of each of the flour, salt and pepper

Cooking method

  • At first we cut the artichoke cut potatoes into small cubes as well as for the islands but the size of the smallest
  • We heat the margarine in a medium bowl and then we add flour and then we Ptkulaibh even take the golden color, which tends to brown
  • After this step, add the chicken stock cube and then the amount of vegetables as well as add all of the lemon juice, salt and pepper and let it boil until
  • We are reducing the intensity of the fire and cover it with a lid and let it fifteen minutes until we make sure that the amount of all vegetables have matured

This is one of the methods used in the concoction of artichoke and one of the other additions include

Cook artichoke Bechamel

  • We bring the amount of minced meat to add them to Artichokes
  • Then we cut the amount of onions and the more large quantity was better because it lends Taavamokhtlva to this meal
  • We then prepare enough Albashimil to make sure that it is sufficient for each quantity of artichoke
  • However béchamel we add the amount of cheese, such as Parmesan cheese, grated
  • Then we prepare artichokes and stuffing the amount of meat that we have previously processed
  • After this step add béchamel so that it covers the entire amount and then add the cheese amount of grated
  • Oven to introduce it for half an hour and be on the fire of the center and make sure when we mature cum-fire upper furnace so as to face reddening

Video how to cook artichokes


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