How to cook Altridh

How to cook Altridh


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Among the popular dishes which is famous in Algeria is Altridh, and is considered the Algerian Altridh of the most famous food dishes in Algeria. The Altridh of the ancient Arabic dishes that were known as gruel and we mean a type of pastry are saturated Palmrq whether Bmrq chicken or meat broth, and we will see later how Altridh is synonymous with spaghetti or similar strength pasta and now we will cook Altridh several stages.

How to prepare Altridh

We need materials such as a kilo of flour or a kilo semolina and it is up to the one by the desire and one teaspoon of salt and water, add salt to the semolina and we mixed it and add water to it and then we Bjnh well until a cohesive dough and leave to become the dough for twenty minutes so comfortable with then we'll cut the dough to make it easier returned that we sprayed a little starch we Straighten paste it and we use the wheel of the individual so well Nfredha thickness of a very few and we Ptkotaiaha small boxes and let it dry for half an hour, and then we will Bkulaiha oil until they become color red as well as for flour if we use it, we recall that Altridh paste now sold in markets this women can work without having to want knead the dough and individual.

Way of cooking broth Altridh


  • Kilogram of meat.
  • Onion.
  • Three garlic pills.
  • Two tablespoons of vegetable oil.
  • Two tablespoons of butter.
  • A grain of tomato.
  • Cup chickpeas boiled.
  • Salt and spices.
  • Hptin parboiled Islands.
  • Hptin Cosa.
  • Water for cooking.

Prepare the gravy

Beginning we cut the onion, garlic, we wash well the meat and cut into medium pieces, and then we bring the pot to cook and put the amount of oil and we add the onion, garlic, and we Ptkulaibh a minute and then add the meat to it and we Ptkulaibh well and publish salt and spices to it and then add then we Pferm tomato Qkaa small so we Ptkulaibha with meat and onions and then add water and let it cook well this pot is placed on it with multiple holes in the lid and put it Altridh where we want the steam to work on the maturity of fried Altridh and imitate him and after the meat is cooked is added chickpeas, boiled carrots, boiled after being cut into slices longitudinally and is also added to the sliced ​​zucchini, cut longitudinal and then leave it for ten minutes until cooked and then we pour the broth in the tray and add to it Altridh.


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