How to cook Aekob

How to cook Aekob


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Is Aekob of the famous cuisine in the Levant, Vinept Aekob in the mountains in the spring, and is considered Aekob of the same thorns plants so it needs to be a certain way in cleaning with caution thistles during the coin cleaning, when buying Aekob must be cleaned well from the thorns that cut the thorns with scissors or remove the knife with caution and wearing paws while doing so, and then clean it well and then put it in a saucepan with oil and Tkulaibh for a period of five to ten minutes until tender for thorns do not appear again, and then can be cooked as follows:

Stew Aekob


  • Gundelia.
  • Lhmh.
  • Margarine.
  • salt.
  • Spring.
  • Onions.

How to prepare

  • After cleaning Aekob and remove thorns from him and left him to Atcefy of the water that we have washed it, we clean up the meat and cut into suitable pieces as desired, and then put a spoon of ghee in the cooking pot and We turn them over a low heat until close to maturity and then put them with salt and pepper.
  • Then add to it a little water whenever you notice the need for it and leave it until the water evaporates it, then we Pferm one onion and put them with the meat and add two tablespoons of margarine.
  • Then we cut Aekob into suitable pieces and put it in the pot with the meat and Nqlbh until tender and then add him water and let it simmer until with the addition of spice to it if necessary and then we are presenting hot with rice.
  • Note: You can cook the meat first and when mature and become thick gravy and after flipping Aekob ghee and softens Aekob put the meat and gravy over it and let it boil and simmer until it becomes thick.

Aekob Bulkipth


  • 3 kg gundelia
  • Aoukatan and a half of ground beef for kofta.
  • The head of a small onion.
  • Few parsley.
  • Teaspoon seasoning.
  • Tablespoon salt.

How to prepare

  • After cleaning Aekob cut thistles him we Bslgah half boiled without being cut.
  • We then remove him from the boiling water and leave it to him Atcefy water.
  • We take large pieces and we wrapped it with minced meat mixture Balbhar, parsley, onions, and we do not even Bhdha hand-cut Aekob graduated from the meat and we Bgamsha cut Alqrchillh.
  • We even fry shortening Ptkulaibha duplex and then we remove it from the margarine, and we arrange over the small pieces and then boiled Ngmrha with water and add salt to taste and let it boil until tender and we are providing on Muffil rice.


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