How to buy from the Internet

How to buy from the Internet


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  • 3 pros purchase online
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Online Shopping Basics

Shopping process online commitment to some of the necessary basics required, including: [1]

  • Ensure continuously keep a computer or mobile phone user, equipped with the latest update to version applications and browsers.
  • Careful to avoid using public Wi-Fi networks when you buy online, and when necessary to buy something through the presence outside of the home run Vinsah phone data.
  • Verify the identity of the seller who will buy it, and the service it provides, in addition to the need to make sure the site is secure connection, and can be confirmed through the browser address bar; There must (https: // be) on-site link, and the lock sign is proof that the site is secure.
  • When shopping using smart devices, it must include security measures on the device through the set passwords, adjust the screen lock automatically after a specified period of inactivity, along with verification of the safe application of communication that is used to buy.
  • Must be before the completion of the purchase of its total cost calculation, and what is consequential from other costs as costs shipping or taxes or other, in addition to the need to verify the seller about the possibility of re-purchased goods policies, and the consequent costs of return or any other costs.

Payment Methods Secure

Multiple ways that can be adopted to pay securely when you buy online, including: [2]

  • Credit cards: provide a high degree of protection, and in case of exposure to the position of fraud, it is easy to report it and keep the money before losing, it is also possible to request a credit card number from the bank to the same account used for one-time only for online purchases, especially for sites It is not reliable.
  • Payment services: The payment services way easy and safe to pay for the costs of purchases, as well as not forced the customer to provide all the sites marketed by the number of credit card and other private data, since the existence of this service, there is a third party through which all data is stored.
  • Debit cards: These cards offer the degree of consumer protection similar to those offered by credit cards, and at the same time based on the withdrawal of money from the current account, but they are linked to the bank account directly; Which may result in the depletion of the account if they are used without the permission of the owner; Therefore it is not recommended much.

Pros purchase online

Involves buying process online on many positives, including: [3]

  • Possibility to choose the right time for the individual to do your shopping, unlike traditional shopping, which consumes time and effort.
  • Online purchase allows ability to make comparisons of prices between different shopping sites, and purchase accordingly.
  • Abundant multiple options in front of the customer within the site one, easy to move from one location to another in the absence of the required item.
  • The ability to obtain the views of other consumers about the item; Thus contributing to determining the appropriate decision.


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