How to become an excellent keeper

How to become an excellent keeper


Goalkeeper is a player of football players; As it is the player who is guarding his own goal, plus it only player in the team who can touch the ball with his hand and hold it, but on condition that inside the penalty area, the goalkeeper is one of the key players in the game, it is impossible to play without him even if deported or expelled or injured he must guard enters his place to complete the play, and in the event that the team has exhausted his changes Visttia one of the players to play his place as a goalkeeper.

How to be an excellent goalkeeper

There are some things must be considered to be one of the goalkeepers privileged are as follows:

  • Learn good warm-up: it depends on the knee first and then the rest of the body as a whole.
  • Not to be afraid of the ball.
  • Learn to guard how to throw himself on the ground to meet the ball before putting it by the player.
  • Learn to jump off the ball a distance of meters until at least catch the ball brilliantly.
  • Look at the ball and not the player who kicked the ball.
  • Train to jump the south and north to catch the ball and relying on one of the feet and not both so he can jump a long distance and strong.
  • Learning D body in Alchornr balls or high balls, and doing his best to catch the ball before any player from the opponent.
  • Put football behind him if the ball ground so as not to overtake if they kick strong; As his help in the block.
  • It must be bold in alerting his fellow players on the error.
  • You must know that a blow (foul) is the first payment.
  • The organization of the ranks of the dam component of his fellow players in the counter-strikes, from giving orders to do so.
  • Attention that does not keep the ball in his hands for more than three seconds until the referee does not count on it (Faull) if it prolonged constipated.
  • Is the keeper is in charge of the penalty area, a commanding and forbidding them, a stimulant for the players to sneak in and blows the corner.
  • You must have a strong body of the guard, and be tall to be able to address any attacks or strokes from the corner.
  • The goalkeeper must learn how to kick the ball off his feet and not on his head or chest.
  • The goalkeeper must learn how to be quiet in the game if his team is victorious, and if his team was in the case of a loss to rely on throwing the ball directly to the attack to gain time.
  • The goalkeeper must know that he can not grab the ball in his hands if the ball was given by his colleague only after he touched with his foot.


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