How to be an excellent goalkeeper

How to be an excellent goalkeeper


  • 1 the importance of the keeper
  • 2 How to be an excellent goalkeeper
  • 3 Skills Goalkeeper
  • 4 the most important challenges
  • 5 guard training goal
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The importance of the keeper

Football is the most sports track and fame in the whole world, and it is a team sport based on 11 key player on the pitch and on the coach and "tactics" plans followed in the games can not be said that there is a player is most important in this sport, but it can be said that there is a player to him more important than the rest of the players, does not deny this that the importance of the players rely on the collective team is important, Vlhars goal in football of great importance because of its prominent role too in the defense and construction of the attacks, giving payments moral to the rest of the team by addressing attacks opponent and defending his own goal and prevent ball that inhabit the net. [1]

Goalkeeper is particularly important in football matches, laws of the game states that you can not finish the game in case of injury, and in cases of expulsion also pauses the game to be entered another guard or take one of the players place, and can not be dispensed with in any way With it will be the team's success and protect it from the opponent team goals, and goalkeeper hope his team after the failure of both attackers and defenders in response to the opposing team and registration in his own goal, which is the only center that there is in him two football teams. [2]

How to be an excellent goalkeeper

The goalkeeper must be the right to act when exposed to situations that require a reaction very fast, such as sudden Alanfradat, cases break infiltration, so he must be well aware of some tips and laws to do impermeable act required of it, and these tips: [3]

  • Control of the back line for the team, and to play a defender in the absence of a good concentration of defenders.
  • Removal of high crosses, or keep her in case the keeper caught the ball without risk can.
  • The organization of a wall to block direct free kicks in good and useful to him, and give tips to block wall when implementing a free-kick by jumping and stand in front of a shooter kick.
  • Early exit in cases of unilateral or break infiltration to disrupt the attacks on the opponent, and the work of "block" the whole body and not to jump only in the case of lifting the ball over the head of the guard.
  • Calm nerves and fortitude chalazia act even return the guard is not affected in the game, and not negatively affect the rest of the players.

Goalkeeper skills

The goal in general, guards They must have a lot of qualities that help them to excellence, and the most important of these qualities to be a goalkeeper calm in dealing with the ball and the opponent, read the game well, and there are a lot of other qualities, such as to be a tall, flexible body, strong personal , and the courageous skills to be acquired are: [4]

  • To catch the ball with the palm of his hand and fingers are open.
  • To be a body guard behind his hands, his fingers are directed toward the direction of the ball in the creeping ground balls.
  • To wrap the ball in his arms when keep her.
  • To be forward guard when folded hands hold football; So do not get away the ball from them.
  • To block the ball with his hand if the long ball.
  • To make his arms Kmejrvh that was shot from the bottom; To catch the ball from the bottom and submit them to the top.
  • That is a high ball and turns, it is possible to be a powerful blow to the football Vtallo approaching the casual goal, here on the goalkeeper to block the ball comfortably hand or back of the hand.
  • That throwing himself on the ground and block the ball in the case was a blow football a few height or ground.

The most important challenges

To counter the penalty kicks followed by goalkeepers many physical and various mental exercises, and some of them follow a special approach them, Kalkiem movements strange to distract the attention of the port penalty, or Alaratme on the side that brought him more than 3 shots during the game, or fall into the opposite to another side kick penalty was implemented, often the guards hand of the goal chooses to slumped on them, and not to stay in the middle of the goal, but in very rare cases, because most players do not rely payment on the middle of the goal, believing easily address the keeper of these balls in this place. [5]

Goalkeeper training

Goalkeeper is subject to physical exercises are different from the rest of the players in football; Since it does not need to run throughout the game time, so concentrated workouts on: [6]

  • Warm-up exercises, especially those associated with the knee.
  • Practice not to be afraid of the ball.
  • Exercise concentration does not consider the ball on the player.
  • Exercise proficiency jumping distance meters to pick up the ball.
  • Flexibility exercises to pick up the ball by falling on the ground.
  • Exercises to jump right and left to pick up the ball.
  • Jumping exercises with one foot.
  • D body to pick up the ball exercises.
  • Exercises with accuracy receiving high jump and handling balls.
  • Receiving side of the ball without jumping.
  • Hit the ball with one hand.
  • Handling the ball with one hand from the shoulder level.


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