How Tnhv in a week

How Tnhv in a week

Fat and weight gain

There is no doubt that the fat stored in the human body important and necessary for the continuation of his life, it is that supplies the body with energy needed to carry out vital processes, and everyday activities, it is also a thermal insulator absorbs shocks to the body, but the increase in the amount of fat stored lead to weight gain, the continued storage leads to obesity, which is one of the most critical challenges facing the world in our time.

Suffer a lot of people, men and women, and different age groups of the problem of obesity; Leaving them vulnerable to health risks, and their lack of agility to help them carry out their daily activities.

Diet to get rid of excess weight in a week

Before you start the diet must be pointed out that lifestyle bad, the movement and few are the main causes of excess weight, so it is necessary to balance the calories that enter the body, and calories coming out of it, and this system helps this budget. The following show the proper diet for a week.

  • First day: This day preparatory step for a week weight loss, so it is advisable to distribute meals properly; So do not feel hungry at all, and can eat all kinds of fruits except bananas, with a lot of cantaloupe and watermelon.
  • Second day: This is a day of vegetables, you can eat all kinds of vegetables, whether fresh or cooked, provided they do not add any type of fat during cooking, and suggest that you start your day with a grain of boiled potatoes; It is the body sufficient energy to complete the day supply.
  • Third Day: We will not starve at all today, it is the day of fruits and vegetables together; It allows you to eat any combination of vegetables, fruits
  • Fourth day: do not deal only with bananas and milk, and all you have to do is to distribute ten bananas, and four cups of milk to meals consumed throughout the day; So do not feel hungry.
  • Fifth day: Today a different food than ever before eat, eat a small amount of rice with six grains of tomatoes, spread over the whole day, but it should help your body to free him of tomatoes salts, by drinking the amount of water greater than the amount Cherbtha in the previous days .
  • Sixth day: little overweight remained, so you can eat a small dish of rice with all crave vegetables, and the quantity you want.
  • Seventh Day: We recommend eating a dish of rice and vegetables, and a lot of fresh juices, especially orange juice, it is rich in vitamin C.

Disclaimer: The success of this system be sure to eat at least ten glasses of water per day, except for the fifth day should drink more.


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