How Thinnest Kilo Day

How Thinnest Kilo Day


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Many turn people to follow diets harsh, and to ensure the loss of a kilo or slightly more weight on a daily basis, especially in the case of the emergence of the urgent need for weight loss, Kalkhaddoa operations compelling urgent entitled to the patient lose weight very quickly, or hors d'oeuvres girls engagement or marriage in the near future, and who want a loss of some excess pounds of weights.

Many actresses and celebrities are also subject to this kind of harsh diets, in the case show them a role that requires the loss of some of their weight very quickly, which proved effective in many cases.

Harsh diets for slimming

Dieticians put many of the diets studied, which if followed strictly to ensure that the loss of one kilogram of weight per day, and often extends for several consecutive days until they begin to provide effective results.

Water Diet

Prevents the followers of this diet by people suffering from anemia, or severe one vitamin deficiency, should also be addressed tablet of dietary supplements containing vitamins and zinc losses associated with the body during the period of diet, stretching this diet for the whole week, is breakfast in all days of the week Bcoppin large water, while lunch and dinner Vttnoa diversity days.

  • Days Saturday and Sunday, the lunch is a medium-sized dish of power, with a steak of grilled meat, and dinner shall be in accordance with the authority only.
  • Days Monday and Tuesday, is lunch in the eggs Msellouktin without oil, salad bowl medium size also without oil, the dinner is to dish power.
  • Days Wednesday and Thursday, the lunch Hptin option with a small dish of yogurt skimmed, but dinner Vhabtan option.
  • On Friday, only on Friday in a grain apple and one for lunch and another for dinner.

Diet German option

This is the diet of the easiest diets that can be followed to lose kilogram of weight every day, this diet focused on eating large quantities of choice throughout the day, with three meals without extravagance, helps Trtronak acid located in the option to make use of carbohydrates in the body to make energy, preventing it from turning into fat accumulated, is also active in the work of the liver fat burning and disposal, in addition to containing large amounts of water needed to lose weight.


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