How the speed is measured by the net

How the speed is measured by the net

Internet speed can be divided into three different categories: download speed which is (the speed of the user can take advantage of them when retrieving something from the Internet), upload speed (the speed with which the user can take advantage Manhal when you send something to the remote site on the Internet), latency (delay or the length of the period time that occur between each point


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  • 4. The importance of knowing the speed of the Internet connecting to a computer

During the transfer of information

Is measured download speed and download by calculating the number of bits (or byte) that is transferred every second, while latency is a unit associated with milliseconds (or thousandth of a second), and to provide a simplistic explanation too, thinking about this measurement as a comparison to a truck load, "trailer" like a big truck can carry more than a small pickup truck.

Upload and download speeds

Illustrative image

This can measure in terms of payload consideration, or the amount of information that can be transported in a truck tractor trailer (15 tons) for a small moving truck 1.5 tons, if the user is interested mostly in downloading large files (movies from global sites), the speed of the download is the job concern, and high numerical value of the means of download speed will make it less time takes to get a movie from a global site to your computer, in other words, if you download a movie at 15 Mbps theory, it will take a tenth of the time that will take him in the download as used contact 1.5 Mbps, and download speed refers to the type of performance you'll get.

The importance of knowing the speed of the Internet connecting to a computer

In the above example, a truck tractor trailer was moved 10 times more data than you can afford a small truck on the jar or carry it, -olkn there is an important factor here has been ignored because you are ignorant of what was the speed of vehicles both in travel? For example, if suspended trailer tractor big in Almrurublg traffic an average of 5 miles per hour, while a pickup truck and speeding along the highway at 70 miles per hour, will be the truck actually transfer data faster and this represents the pressure on the network, so from Speed ​​is important to determine the hyphen to the local computer and speed control issued by the company before a contract agreement with the Internet company.


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