How the elephant dies

How the elephant dies


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Elephants mortality rate exceeds 30%; Because of eating meat animals that prey on small elephants, such as: black, hyenas, and crocodiles, and thus be at risk in its first year, more than others, as human beings it is the greatest threat to the lives of elephants. [1]


It is a disease that affects the elephant and the cause of his death: [1]

  • Anthrax: The disease is spread through contaminated water and soil, due to the presence of bacteria called malignant as causing fever, anthrax ulcers, and chills, sweating, also taken into account that it is one of the most dangerous diseases that threaten the lives of elephants.
  • TB: This is caused disease due to the type of Aabaktiria to spread in the air and cause damage to the lungs, and symptoms: runny nose, cough, loss of appetite, loss of weight and chronic, it is possible to infect humans and elephants.

It must be noted that there is a group of diseases related to elephants only, such as: pox elephants, paralysis Stem, as it is sensitive to some of the diseases that are spread by mosquitoes, and some disorders that affect humans, such as: rash, renal colic, constipation, inflammation pulmonary, and a cold, and help the elephants themselves in different ways when her illness, where the treated system diseases digestive by: fasting, or through natural remedies: such as eating herbs biting, and bark, and materials that contain alkali metals, as well as covering wounds using clay to protect them from insects, friendly infection. [1]

the hunt

The number of elephants declined over the last decade by 62%, has become extinct mostly over the next decade, which killed nearly 100 elephants African every day by hunters, after hunted for ivory, meat, and the various parts of the body, and left about 400,000 elephants, where the desire of the Asian market for the products ivory large, which led to the killing of tens of thousands of African elephants, and ivory price doubled in China between 2010 to 2014 to three times, leading to an increase of illegal fishing, and in 2011 the number of elephants reached by was killed more than elephants that have proliferated, and elephants are large women with fangs are the main targets, where their numbers shrank to less than half of the females. [2]

The importance of elephants

There are some benefits of Philae, namely: [3]

  • Directly affect the installation of forest and density, improve the landscape, they are in the tropical forests and large Pfshat corridors help trees to reproduce.
  • Help preserve the ecosystem of the forest, in the savannah and other species, it is also closely linked to the biological diversity of fertility.
  • There are many plants seeds that pass through the digestive system of the elephant and the elephant leads them out as it is, as a result that one-third of tree species in Central African forests rely on elephants for the distribution of seeds in different regions.


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