How the electric motor works

How the electric motor works


  • 1 invention of the electric motor 1.1 Hans Christian Oersted 1.2 Michael Faraday and William Sturgeon
  • 1.1 Hans Christian Oersted
  • 1.2 Michael Faraday and William Sturgeon
  • 2 How does the electric motor

The invention of the electric motor

Hans Christian Oersted

The world's Danish Hans Christian Oersted in the early nineteenth century Bslsh of experiments to determine the relationship between electricity and magnetism, and by chance was a compass close to the electric wire that works by his experiences, he noted that when arrived wire electricity deviate Aqraba compass and concluded that the wire when applied by an electric current magnetic field is generated around this area is the reason for the deviation Aqraba compass.

Michael Faraday and William Sturgeon

After this discovery, a simple period scientist Michael Faraday began studying the world discover Oersted carefully and accurately, and try this discovery exploits to invent a turning machine electrical energy into mechanical energy and after several attempts succeeded in the invention of the first electric motor, but it was very primitive and can not be exploited with something useful, The studies and research came the world of William Sturgeon after that benefit first invented practical electric motor, and then came the developments to produce us more than one type of engines, including the continuous electric motor.

How the electric motor works

The work of the electric motor begins to connect the engine wire electricity, and to clarify what happens then you have to understand the nature of the relationship between the electric current magnetic has proven experiments and field that any wire which runs the power supply is generated around a magnetic field wire is called in this case an electric magnet, the electric motor power file inside exists within a magnetic field that makes the force affect the wire magnet and lead to the file movement inside the engine (by right hand) base application, either exchanger (metal ring consists of two halves isolated completely from some), where each of the parties to arrive View half of the half-exchanger so that the resulting spin ring from the connection with the file and be half are connected to the source of electricity exchanger and during the file rotation is reflected poles and thus Almousolan file reflects the direction of the power supply and power exploit the file to make it complete rotation.

Can convert moving the file to the electric motor by installing a piece of metal shaped arc around the coil, Magnatisin shaped u Aodaan on both ends of the metal piece, which produces us a file moving within a magnetic field, and pass on the positive side and the negative terminal of the Magnatisin battery through the wires and requires that the file vertically between Amonatisin to make it spins, and this note that the electric motor in the simplest cases is what is only a file skinnable limited to a magnetic field is plugged into an electric current.


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