How the body gets rid of fat

How the body gets rid of fat


  • 1 exercise
  • 2 Reduce sugar
  • 3 drinking water
  • 4 eat slowly
  • 5 References


The exercise one of the most successful ways to get rid of fat in the body, and must be moderation in the exercise and attention to the increase in the number of exercises and time or increasing the weights gradually; So do not put the body awkward at first, and is likely to exercise moderate burns greater amounts of fat, walking is an exercise aerobically fit for any person suffering obesity, care must be taken to practice exercises that target different parts of the body. [1]

Reduce sugar

To get rid of fat in the body must reduce the amount of sugar in the diet that is being followed, where sugar negatively affects the metabolism of the body, and when dealing with a person a lot of sugar received by the liver and takes what it needs from the energy of it and then convert it to fat, and thus the eating large amounts of sugar means that fructose increases the proportion of the body and thus accumulate fat; Concentrated in the liver and abdomen primarily area, sugar is a liquid that human intake by sweetened beverages worse than regular sugar. [2]

Drinking water

Water helps to promote the metabolism of the body and keep the body in general, in addition to preserving the body moisture and make the vital efficiently functioning, and drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before eating helps to bridge the appetite and eat less food amounts, can be done by drinking water to deceive the mind when you feel hungry; Since both signals the brain alike. [3]

Eat slowly

Eat slowly prevents the person in over-eating and thus reduces the likelihood of increased fat in the body, where it takes the mind about 20 minutes to a feeling of fullness, in addition to eating slowly makes a person enjoy more taste food, and be done through chewing food well and slowly being careful to swallow before continuing to eat, as well as to stay away from eating in front of the TV or computer; As this increases the likelihood of eating more food and thus increase fat and weight. [3]


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