How sound insulation

How sound insulation

Exposed to the sense of hearing in humans for many kinds of sounds, there are reasonably quiet voices that accept them human, and there are voices disturbing the average height is possible to accept them the person, and the sounds are too high causing noise and noise and may affect the sense of hearing when the person, and here a person can not carry around, so Zarat there Apetkart new and ways to isolate the sound in the rooms to avoid hearing the noise Latte creates tension and anxiety psychologically when he heard, the noise when the house enters through windows and doors, walls and through floors and through surfaces, especially if we lived Residential apartments .


  • 1 How sound insulation 1.1 sound insulation in floors 1.2 sound insulation in the doors and windows 1.3 sound insulation in the walls and roofs and ceilings
  • 1.1 sound insulation in floors
  • 1.2 sound insulation in the doors and windows
  • 1.3 sound insulation in the walls and roofs and ceilings

How sound insulation

When there are special sound insulation materials have been produced suitable for each port of audio ports.

Sound insulation in floors

The Astkhad carpet and rug in relieving the sound unit where the carpet works on sound absorption and mitigation because the rooms are non-furnished are easy to be echo, and finds the signal that the floors if paved with marble and porcelain easy sound transfer quickly so it preferred to use rock wool at the process glued marble and porcelain where the rock wool insulation and sound insulation as well, cork is also the material used in the process of isolating the sound and are used cork pieces of art in ways determined by the construction engineer. The mention of factories where there is noise from the machines used rubber and cork felts and rock wool to prevent the transmission through sound frequencies.

Sound insulation in the doors and windows

When thinking about isolating sound passing through the door thinking about the quality of the door that will be installed is made of pressed wood, and there are resistant doors sound and that are stuffed with cork or polystyrene or stuffed with rock wool, while the windows are isolated sound coming from it by plugging the holes around frame nets using adhesive material, and be the thickness of the glass composite panel thick glass plate because the thickness of the glass to prevent sound from moving.

Sound insulation in the walls and roofs and ceilings

Of modern methods used in the isolation of the walls is the space between the walls of cement or stuffed cutting cork filler and polystyrene or pieces of cloth and rock wool where after Alantha of the vacuum filler process we bring cement and making mixture compresses the process of fillers, and if there is a branch between the walls are installed walls of polystyrene or single gypsum, which in turn isolates the sound, but for the bishop and the surface can be used polystyrene cubes before the roof work in concrete and if the ceiling is a cement we glued panels of gypsum and planks of wood where is the wood material soundproof .


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