How powerful Internet signal

How powerful Internet signal


  • 1 router mode in a suitable place
  • 2 Replace the antenna
  • 3 employs Almkrr
  • 4 determine the number of connected devices
  • 5 other ways to strengthen the Internet signal
  • 6 References

The router in a convenient place setting

To get a strong Internet signal, it must put the router (router) in an open place away from walls and other obstacles, and put it in a high place on a table or flat surface, as his preferred home distribution center coverage throughout, and can be installed on the wall with antennas (antennas) vertically. [1]

Replace the antenna

It is recommended to install an external antenna on a mobile router that has a built-in antennas (built-in antenna), which leads to the strengthening of the Internet signal in a particular direction, through the external antenna directed towards the place of a weak signal. [2]

Employment Almkrr

The refined (Repeater) is ideal for large homes or offices that can not Wi-Fi signal from its coverage, as refined captures wireless Internet signal from the router and re-broadcast, which leads to the creation of Wi-Fi network in the other place. [3]

Determine the number of connected devices

Can speed up the Internet and strengthen its reference by reducing the number of connected devices with Wi-Fi network, and can be done through the establishment of an access list to select the router hardware (MAC) addresses that can be linked with the router. [4]

Other ways to strengthen the Internet signal

There are many ways in which they can strengthen the Internet signal, including the following: [4]

  • Put the router in a remote location for mirrors, because they reflect the Wi-Fi signal.
  • Keep the router from the microwave and wireless devices, so interference does not occur in the signal.
  • Change settings for device security from WEP to WPA / WPA2, to increase security and prevent hackers from penetrating the network.


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