How pomegranate peel mop up

How pomegranate peel mop up

Of the fruits that have been mentioned in the Koran is the pomegranate, and is considered the fruits of pomegranate fruits Almterpah on the throne of the full view of the fruit's many benefits, and the fruits of pomegranate fruit is learned from the pulp of pomegranate and pomegranate juice and peel pomegranate normal whether or ground there is no need to throw the peel pomegranate because God Almighty and put many benefits in pomegranate peel.

Benefits of pomegranate peel

It uses a crust of pomegranate in the treatment of gastric ulcers mainly where it is boiled peel and dry pomegranate and then twice the drink per day, and use the peel pomegranate task benefits where they are boiled peel pomegranate then massage the hair by hair even prevent hair loss and is add boiling water to peel pomegranate to Alhnp even gives a rich color of Hannah and works to install the color and sheen stronger hair, works pomegranate peel if dried if crushed to stop the bleeding and treatment of wounds, and Tahon pomegranate peel works to cleanse the skin and remove traces of abscesses and wounds and smallpox if It was mixed with honey is taken two tablespoons of pomegranate peel with a spoon of honey by effects in the body. Uses boiled pomegranate peel to stop diarrhea, and when rinsing the mouth strengthens the gums, and the work of pomegranate peel boiled to expel worms that live in the body and other benefits a lot of pomegranate peel but how is dried pomegranate peel.

Drying pomegranate peel

After eating the pulp found in the fruit of the pomegranate are collected pomegranate peel any cortex, and the white crust inside the fruit of the pomegranate, and are collected and washed thoroughly after it is placed in the refinery until we get rid of the water. Then the individual pomegranate peel in the tray and peels are Chinese any uniqueness of the situation in China and is assembled in a particular area of ​​any uniqueness so take all the crust right in the dehydration process, and the Chinese put in place a shadow close to the sun any rays are not shed pomegranate peel to the sun, and is left for two days is recommended if there are insects are covered with gauze until we allow him to prevent drought and dust. After that it is broken pomegranate peel and keep it in a jar or are crushed and we hold the need time. There is developing a pomegranate peel the bag, which is placed by the onion and garlic and is perfectly suitable for drying pomegranate peel and placed near the kitchen window which are close to the sun.


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