How photosynthesis occurs

How photosynthesis occurs


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God created the Almighty on this earth millions of living beings, but these objects are not similar to each other but they are different from each other, God Almighty has put a lot of differences and the differences between the types, each type of which has the shape and characteristics and qualities that distinguish it from other than the rest of species, it is the secret of biodiversity enormous on Earth, and is the feeding method of the things that vary from one neighborhood to another object, some of which is fed predator other organisms or interloper them, ie, that most living organisms depend in their diet on other types of objects, but including what he can manufacture his nourishment by himself within a process called construction process of photosynthesis, what is the photosynthesis process? How are? This is what you will learn about it through this our article. [1]


In this vast universe are many important biological processes, which is the process of construction photosynthesis one, it takes place in plants and green algae and bacteria bluish, so that manufacture their own food through this process even grow properly, through its transfer of electromagnetic energy coming from the sun into chemical energy, to produce glucose which is the staple food for these objects, and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during this process to release oxygen gas rather than to cover Jawa.any are building photosynthesis must provide some of the conditions, which are as follows : [2]

  • CO provides carbon dioxide.
  • Water element is necessary and important for the construction of a photosynthesis process.
  • The presence of the sun's rays, they are the light source you need these objects until the photosynthesis process.

Stages of the construction process of photosynthesis

It is photosynthesis process by the chloroplasts absorbs light energy from the sun and then convert it into chemical energy, for the then install carbon dioxide inside chloroplasts itself, produced from this process glucose and oxygen gas and a few molecules of water, and in what the following chemical equation that describes how the construction of a scanner: [3]

CO2+ H2O+ Sun light+ Chlorophyll H2O+ O2+ C6H12O6

Not only the importance of photosynthesis on the neighborhood of the object itself, but it extends to the ocean ecosystem being absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to play in this process, it also produces oxygen gas being released into the atmosphere, which creates a state of balance between these gases in the atmosphere Air. [3]


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