How olive planting

How olive planting


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God has sworn in his book Aziz olive trees, and said: "figs and olives," also he said: "kindles from a blessed olive tree, neither of the East nor West", and here we know that olive trees Mubarak of God Almighty has been mentioned by Allah in the Holy Quran seven times, It plants the tree, evergreen which Atsagt leaves a perennial tree, a species of oil plants, leaves and fruit painting, the fruit in the green beginning and after the full maturity of these fruits become black color dark, olive name of Zat comes and meaning oil original, country this tree is the Levant, particularly Palestine, Jordan, Syria, and some of the Mediterranean islands. The world's most productive olive are the Kingdom of Spain, and Tunisia come after that, olive trees and needs a temperate climate such as the Mediterranean climate, taking discovered intercostal olive trees to the new world and the active cultivation in the continents of the new world, many countries put olive branches on their flags, such as the flag of Cyprus and the UN flag, which symbolizes peace, and there are many kinds of olives, including: dried black olives, municipal olives Shami, olives Alchrisaada.

The nutritional value of olive

There is the fruit of the olive lot of elements and nutrients useful for the body, including: proteins, sugars and fatty acids, amino acids, oils, and it is also the proportion of sizeable energy, and some dietary fiber, which also carbohydrate materials, antioxidants, and materials counter inflammatory, which is also a lot of food minerals important, such as iron, calcium and phosphorus, magnesium, copper, as well. There are some food minerals useful to the body, such as vitamin A, and vitamin K, and vitamin E, and vitamin carotene duo.

Olive benefits of therapeutic health

  • It helps lower LDL cholesterol in the blood.
  • It maintains heart health and safety of diseases and strokes.
  • It helps in weight loss and diet; Because eating olive works to burn fat and calories.
  • The body reduces the risk of cancer, such as skin cancer and colon cancer are also breast where the olive contains anti-oxidant materials and cancer.
  • It works to feed the mind and strengthens the memory.
  • It works to relieve the pain of headaches, head and joint pain as well.
  • It protects skin from wrinkles and signs of aging in the age that affect the skin.
  • Treats diseases of the stomach, stomach ulcers, infections that affect the stomach.
  • It increases the percentage of iron in the body because it contains iron.
  • It maintains the integrity of the eye and strengthens its consideration and protects against cataract lens.
  • It helps to improve the working principle of the digestive system.
  • It works to improve the functioning of blood circulation.
  • It protects against heart swelling or hardening of the arteries.

Methods of multiplication of olive trees

  • Planting seeds, but this way you need years to become the seeds Ostela olive.
  • By taking a small trunk and said to him, his mind and his class or Crimean and the cultivation of seedlings to become a unit here and needs a whole year to become an implant.
  • Seedlings that are ready in nurseries and these seedlings vehicle type who wishes by the buyer, and must be over a year old and a length close to a meter.

Method of planting the olive tree

  • Bring olive seedlings from the nursery of the kind that we want to do and should be only slightly moist and planted in a plastic bag.
  • Dig a hole depth is 50 to 70 cm and width 50 cm.
  • Keep in the bottom of the pit organic fertilizer natural remnants of sheep or chicken is half a kilo Mghaderh only.
  • Send down the plastic bag for Seedling gently in order not to remove the dirt on the roots.
  • Send down sapling in the hole gently and then go down the dirt on the sides and fill the hole with soil and make about the hole filled with dirt basin to collect water, and water the seedling with water.
  • Prove a long stick next to sapling and to hold them we associate with olive seedlings from strong winds.
  • Leave a distance of seven meters between each tree and another.


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