How much is the length of the neck of the giraffe

How much is the length of the neck of the giraffe


  • 1 Overview of giraffe
  • 2 Neck Giraffe 2.1 Neck Giraffe length 2.2 adaptation of the neck of the giraffe 2.3 Benefits of the long neck of the giraffe
  • 2.1 Neck Giraffe length
  • 2.2 adaptation of the neck of the giraffe
  • 2.3 Benefits of the long neck of the giraffe
  • 3 body giraffe 3.1 outer shape of the giraffe 3.2 length of the giraffe and its weight
  • 3.1 outer shape of the giraffe
  • 3.2 length of the giraffe and its weight
  • 4 References

Overview of Giraffe

Giraffes spread in the open savannah areas, and in the forest pastures for Eastern and Southern Africa; Where these pastures is characterized by an abundance of acacia trees, and shrubs, and can be identified by these animals through the long legs and slender, and fur-covered spots; Where most of the giraffes are characterized by skin white color, or brown, or yellow topped with spots almost square structure shape, but for the scientific classification of the giraffe it belongs to the family Alzraviac that follow the rank of Hfieat fingers, which follow in turn to a variety of mammals, under the chordates Division, which belong in the end Animal Kingdom. [1] [2]

It should be noted that there is a study published in the journal (current biology) in 2016 showed that giraffes do not all belong to one species, but belong to the four sub-types, namely: North Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis), South Giraffe (Giraffa giraffa), giraffe retina (Giraffa reticulata), giraffe or Kilimanjaro Masai (Giraffa tippelskirchi). [3]

Neck Giraffe

Neck Giraffe length

The length of the giraffe's neck to 1.8 meters and can weigh up to about 272 kg; Where it is Giraffes longer wild animals, for example, it can look to a window located on the second floor with ease, and it is worth mentioning that the neck of the giraffe has only seven vertebrae as humans completely, but the length of each of which may exceed 25.4 cm. [4]

Adaptation of the neck of the giraffe

Arteries with thick walls in the neck containing giraffe additional valves to minimize the influence of gravity when the head of the giraffe is brought, [5] as giraffes have a big heart with a length when an adult male to 60 cm, which generates pressure bloody great is equal to twice the pressure generated by human heart, or other large mammals, and the face of this high pressure near the heart, the walls of the arteries is characterized by a high flexibility. [6]

Characterized by paragraphs that are found in the neck of the giraffe on the strap known as its proximity in Rabat nuchal (in English: Nuchal Ligament) extends from the back of the skull to the base of the tail, and the increasingly thick above the shoulders directly; This ligament helps to reduce the weight of the head of the giraffe and her neck, and works like a rubber band to flatten a huge giraffe's neck up, which reduces the amount of energy needed by the muscles to carry the head. [6]

When you lower the giraffe head to eat it is likely that the high blood rushes pressure down, causing blood vessels sensitive explosion in the brain and eyes, but there are many changes that occur in the arteries, which cause reduced blood flow to the brain and turn instead to a network of small blood vessels (in English: Rete Mirabile) located near the brain, which in turn expands to accommodate the increase in blood pressure, and the valves in the veins prevent blood back jugulo down during the low head. [6]

Characterized by the neck of the giraffe high flexibility, and the reason for this is that the existing paragraphs in the neck are linked together by a hinge-type spherical acetabular (in English: Ball and Socket Joint), which helps the giraffe to move her neck at an angle 360, and the first and second paragraphs of the thoracic spine of the giraffe ( English: Thoracic Vertebrae) linked by a hinge bearing my right as in the cervical vertebrae, which increases the flexibility of the neck also dramatically. [7]

Benefits of the long neck of the giraffe

There are several benefits to the long neck of the giraffe can be summarized as follows: [8]

  • Food: A giraffe can thanks to the long neck to reach the leaves of trees, fruits, flowers and high acacia trees, and other types of trees desired; Where the giraffes feed mainly on the leaves of deciduous trees in the rainy seasons, and feed on evergreen species in other seasons, characterized by a giraffe long tongue with a length of 45 cm as well as help to get the food that they can not a lot of other animals for access.
  • Fighting: Giraffes long neck used to fight among themselves, and directing a judge to discount the opponent's blows swaying neck.
  • Monitoring helps the length of the neck of the giraffe on the animal control predators that exist at long distances from the savannah forests in Africa.

Giraffe body

The outer shape of the giraffe

Characterized by Giraffes possessing a small hump on her appearance, and her body covered with spots like a cheetah, so I think individuals for a long time that the giraffe blend the words of the camel, leopard, hence the name scientific name for the giraffe the term (camelopardalis), and is characterized by some giraffes painted light brown, and some of them It features almost black, which depends on the type of food you eat, in addition to where you live; For example, it characterized by giraffes Maasai from Kenya, that the form of spots on the coat that covers her body looks like leaves of oak, and the giraffes Rothschild is characterized by patches of the structure of the coat are separated by lines of thick light brown, but Giraffes retina are found only in northern Kenya, and is characterized by dark colored cover coat a network of white lines high, [4] it should be noted that the giraffes characterized by different markings on the coat from each other as is the case when human fingerprint, and lines at the zebra. [1]

Males and females are characterized Giraffes containing their heads on the protrusions-like horns, used males these centuries when faced with some of them, and when they reach males to adulthood begins deposits of calcium to assemble on Aljmjh, so as to protect them when the confrontation with the other giraffes, and can these deposits should be clear which earns some males centuries ranging in number from three to five. [4]

The length and weight of the giraffe

The length of the legs of a giraffe about 1.8 meters, and looks hind legs is shorter than the front legs but have the same length almost, thanks to the long legs, it is very fast, and speeds up to 56 km / h when the enemy short distances, [1] and be the eyes Giraffes size balls golf, a small length of giraffes at about the birth of two meters, while weighing up to 100 kg, and is growing at a rate of 2.54 cm per day during the first week, while the heart of the giraffe, Faisal weight to 11 kilograms, and can her lungs carry about fifty-five liters of air. [4] [5]

May be higher than males Giraffes 5.5 m length, and do not exceed the length of females is usually 4.5 m, and can Giraffes using long tongues capable of circumventing constipation with leaves of trees, which is about six meters from the ground, [5] It may be the color of black tongue, or blue color, or purple, while the base of the background shall be pink, [9] and up giraffes to the maximum length of her when it becomes almost four years old, but weighing shall continue growing, until the age of seven, or eight almost, bringing the male weight to 1,930 kg, while the weight of females Faisal 1,180 kg, and the length of its tail up to a meter, which has a black tuft at the end. [5]


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