How much football weight

How much football weight


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Football history in the sport of football

It passed the ball used in the sport of football many of the changes in it in terms of its nature and weight since the appearance of the first forms of the practice of the game through history; In the early nineteenth century balls football and rugby was a Cysts different types of animals; Where it is inflated these organs and covered skin is then taken Kkrat for these sports, and in 1863 the English Football Association developed the first official rules football game but those rules where there was no indication to the size or shape, which should be the ball, and stayed so until the year 1872, where it was a review of the first rules that have been developed for the game of football, and in that year was the first time, determine the size, shape and weight that should be the ball used in the sport of football, it must be noted that most of those laws and since developed that year did not change until this time. [1]

Football Weight

The year 1872 for the first time legally shows the weight that should be the ball game of football; [1] where the text of the law that the ball weight should be limited to between 368.5 to 425.2 grams, [2] has been the amendment to this law later in 1937; Where the new law stipulates that football weight should be limited to between 410 to 450 grams, [3] which is the same weight as recommended by the International Federation of Football in the book of the game laws passed in 2015, as indicated Union laws that must be perimeter of the ball between 68 cm and 70 cm, it has also made clear that the ball must take a form rounded and be made of suitable material to play, and it must be all the balls are being used in official matches of the international Football Association holds one of the slogans of the following: ( FIFA Quality PRO) or logo (FIFA Quality) or logo (IMS - INTERNATIONAL MATCHBALL STANDARD). [4]

Different football weight

Game includes a ball many balls that vary in weight and size, depending on the different age group practiced the game football, and these balls classified into five categories starting from number five down to number one, and longer balls scale number five are the balls that are used in competitions official of the international Federation of Football, periodicals professional, semi-professional, periodicals universities, and be of balls measuring larger with larger size and weight from those that are smaller size, [5] the table shows the following measuring balls in football, weight and size of each measurement of these measurements The age group that use these balls: [6]

Note: Play football five reels of measuring 4, play beach football reel from measuring 5 and weighing lighter than normal balls ranging beach football weight between 400 to approximately 440 grams. [1]


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