How many years the Muslim rule of Andalusia

How many years the Muslim rule of Andalusia


  • 1 of Andalusia
  • 2 years of Muslim rule in Andalusia 2.1 era governors 2.2 Prince Abdul Rahman inside a single state 2.3 the reign of the kings of the communities 2.4 era stationed 2.5 era of uniform 2.6 Prince of the Kingdom of Granada and the end of the Muslim rule in Andalusia
  • 2.1 era governors
  • 2.2 Prince Abdul Rahman inside a single state
  • 2.3 the reign of the kings of the communities
  • 2.4 era stationed
  • 2.5 era of uniform
  • 2.6 Prince of the Kingdom of Granada and the end of the Muslim rule in Andalusia


The present Muslims nowadays is no different from what happened to Andalusia, what got to him was the result of weakness, and the band; It came the defeat of Andalusia dismantled, and drove out Muslims from their land, and al-Andalus, like any Muslim land of Muslims living in a sense, they Athrkon longing for that day comes to collect Muslim reunification and unification of their land. Most people hardly in our time are ignorant of the history of Andalusia, which long ruled in the hands of Muslims for several centuries, and went through several stages of the band and autism, betrayals, tournaments, and prosperity of science, construction, and civilization, how long Muslim rule in Andalusia?

Number of years of Muslim rule in Andalusia

The Al-Andalus passed through several stages, over nearly eight centuries, and detail are as follows:

The era of governors

(From 95-138 AH). In 92 AH Fatah Tariq ibn Ziyad al-Andalus, then led after the conquest first and by Abd al-Aziz ibn Musa Bin Naseer, was this era sequel to the era of conquests, and successively on the state of Andalusia Twenty-two Walia, and this was not stable, and the last rulers of Andalusia era in this covenant is Joseph Fihri, where his tenure lasted nine years and nine months.

Prince Abdul Rahman inside a single state

It is (from 138-399 AH)

  • In 132 AH ended the state of the Umayyad and Abbasid state began; Where he took over the succession of Abu Abbas, incest, and began to follow the Umayyads, who have gone into sight, and dispersed in the countries, and was including Abd al-Rahman ibn Muawiya ibn Hisham known Quraish hawk Abdul Rahman inside, who was able to escape them.
  • Could Abdul Rahman inside communicate with the in Andalusia, and found his supporters there, and the income of Andalusia, people gather around him, and got decisive battle between him and the Wali of Andalusia Youssef Fihri, and defeated him in this battle, which was named (Almassarh), provided Joseph Fihri on the run.
  • In 138 AH Sakr he entered the Quraish of Cordoba, and the title at home because he first entered the Al-Andalus ruler of the Umayyad, and has control of Cordoba, and then went to the mosque, and speeches in people, and it was on a Friday, and assured them, and broadcast them aspirations of a bright future, and the state of state where good, Justice, as Umayyad caliph, historians considered his Andalusia as an extension of the Umayyad caliphate, but this Umayyad caliphate actually has ended, and was replaced by the Abbasid caliphate.
  • During his Andalus against the twenty-five revolution, was able to all of us being beaten, and long term until he died in 172 AH; Where he assumed his son Hisham.
  • The rule of Andalusia continued at the hands of the Prince one until the year 399 AH, and was the last and Adtha Abdul Rahman bin eyebrow Mansour (Hnjul), and then torn Al-Andalus, and lived after going succession years of the band and disruption to states and kingdoms, until it reached twenty-two the Emirate.

The reign of the kings of the communities

(From 400-483 AH). Al-Andalus became a mini-states, or sects, so-called historians of this covenant era of the kings of the communities; Where every prominent family began to control the city has reached the number of communities to twenty range, namely: (Valencia, and Dania and Balearic, and bots, and Orkh, Cordoba, and screwing, and Granada, and Centmrah, and Mo'rour, Murcia, and Carmona, and Almería, Randa, and Zaragoza and Badajoz and Seville, and injury, the Beja, and Toledo, and Barbastro, and Centmrah West), took advantage of the Christians of this disruption, and took control of one-third of Andalusia, and lived Andalusians life of disruption, conflicts, led then to fall Talalth, then decided Andalus scientists use Balemrabtin hoping that the protection Andalusia and united.

Prince stationed

(From 483-541 AH)

  • Murabitoun are a tribe of Berbers, and called them stationed name because they set up steeds to prepare for God's sake, for saying peace be upon him: "the bond of the day in the way of Allah is better than this world and the" (Agreed upon), and was called Almtltman name, because they were putting Allosmam on their faces.
  • When used the people of Andalusia and scientists and their kings Balemrabtin, he was Amir stationed at the time Yusuf ibn Yasin, who knew his religion and military strength, and indeed Ibn Yasin came to al-Andalus, but the kings of the communities forced him to provide them with military aid, and help them against the Christians, who were led by the then Alfonso and that after the expiry of his mission comes out from Andalusia, and let them govern their country by themselves, he agreed son Chavin on it, provided that not Iehdoa then Alfonso does not give him money, the forerunner their covenant, and do not put their hands in his hand, and it was agreed.
  • Son attended Tashfin and Askar south of Andalusia, then fought and fought with him Alfonso some of the kings of the communities, and shared his war, the most famous battles is the battle Zallaqa, where the son Tashfin Alfonso defeated a crushing defeat.
  • After the end of the mission left the son Tashfin al-Andalus, and returned to Morocco, but later learned that the kings of the communities they broke their covenant with him, and betrayed the Islamic nation, and returned to an earlier covenant in favors of Alfonso, then the son Tashfin decided to return to Spain, and unify, and exiled kings of the communities, including advantaged and Oazmanm affair, adopted son of slaves, and exiled him to Morocco.
  • Ibn Yasin then began unification of Andalusia, and could, in the year 500 AH died Ibn Yasin, and passed his son Ali on the state of Andalusia, and that was in the year 495 AH, and when his death took his son to the Principality stationed, and returned to Morocco and make his brother Tamim commander stationed armies in Andalus.
  • In 540 it signed a battle called the major wedge; Where Muslims defeated at the hands of the Christians who fought Andalusians and stationed together to remove them from Andalusia.
  • In the year 541 AH ended the rule stationed in Morocco, and began to rule the Unitarian, and historians pointed out that without the advent of marabouts to Andalusia, fell for four centuries before the fall, and they all agreed on this statement; Where the presence stationed last fall four centuries.

The era of uniform

(From 541-635 AH). Call Unitarian back to Abu Abdullah al-Mahdi Mohammed bin Tumart, a Burberry sex, and after he died, recommended the matter to his son Abdul Momen, who fought stationed, and was able Unitarians to extend their control over some areas that were in the hands stationed, and in the year 635 ended Unitarian rule in Andalusia , another was the Unitarian rulers of Abu Yusuf is Jacob Almareni.

The era of the Kingdom of Granada and the end of the Muslim rule in Andalusia

(From 635-897 AH)

  • After the end of the Unitarian rule, the people of Granada sent to the son of the Red Estdonh; Where the prince has pledged allegiance to the Kingdom of Granada, and began the new state, which is known as (Al-Andalus Lesser) built state red in the south of Andalusia.
  • What made the city of Granada impregnable city is that it was close to Gibraltar, as well as a result after the Christian areas reported, and the people of Andalusia and who have been credited sided to Granada after the fall of the cities, in addition to the diet raised by scientists that, people he moves Balnkhuh legitimacy, and the protection of symptoms to save what remained of al-Andalus.
  • Muslim rule of Andalusia became confined to the Kingdom of Granada, and as long as that provision to the year 897 AH, King was sent Abu Abdullah the last king of Granada ask permission to leave the Christians of Andalusia; Where he left al-Andalus, Islamic organizations continued in Andalusia for the period, and another having them was in 1183.

Through this review of the life of the Andalusians, and if its rulers, and the stages through which, we can see that the rule of Muslims in Andalusia has been extended since 95 AH to the year 897 AH, nearly eight centuries (eight hundred years and more).


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