How many stages of cancer

How many stages of cancer


  • 1 cancer
  • 2 symptoms of cancer
  • 3 stages of cancer 3.1 clinical stage 3.2 pathological stage 3.3 stage of chemotherapy
  • 3.1 clinical stage
  • 3.2 pathological stage
  • 3.3 stage of chemotherapy
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Proliferated recently the problem of cancer; Because of the bad lifestyle that we live, and is full of chemicals and pollutants; Where causing chemicals and air pollution and water cancer, a disease that is by cell division into several redundant sections abnormally, leading to the destruction of the cells, and kill all neighboring cells have, Viattl the affected part of the work, and catch a tumor, but not all tumor in the body could be malignant, there are some good Alorwam which can be easily treated, cancer is divided into a benign tumor and a malignant tumor.

There is no specific age of cancer; Afflicts this disease adults and children of both sexes, and can determine the proportion of exposure according to the environment and the circumstances surrounding the persons and the nature of the food and the factors affecting, and can treat cancer when detected in its early stages, and control it fully recovers from him God willing.

Symptoms of cancer

It is possible not to feel any change in the body in the early stages of cancer, so it is always advisable to conduct regular check-ups for the prevention of many diseases, but there are some symptoms that may appear on the patient as a result of cancer, including:

  • Low weight significantly and loss of appetite.
  • Anemia and its symptoms.
  • Feeling tired and fatigue lasting, injury and night sweating.
  • It marked the emergence of a tumor in a simple one in parts of the body mass or abnormal.
  • The feeling of pain and bleeding is expected.
  • Yellowing of the skin color.

Stages of cancer

It is determined stages of cancer according to tumor size, and the extent of its spread and depth, time and duration, which began its spread in the body, and the number of lymph nodes that have been infected from it, is divided stages of cancer to an initial stage and the stage of the spread of the tumor in the entire body, and can be classified as follows:

Clinical stage

It is the first stage of cancer, take place after the required tests that indicate cancer, depends this stage on the surgeon's information when taking the biopsy, and the work of radiological images and endoscopy to be determined tumor size, and plan appropriate treatment, and set a date for the eradication of the tumor, if possible, the way appropriate treatment.

Pathological stage

The injured person is classified in this stage for someone with cancer, and is subject to the process of eradication of the tumor after examining the tumor in the laboratory accurately supported competent and studied thoroughly.

Treatment phase of chemotherapy

It is the last stage passes by the patient, is up the fight against cancer cells using a chemical beam is subject to a patient by a specialist doctor and assess the situation and the cure rate, and is often completed and the disease be cured completely at this stage.

Must be reminded of the importance of early screening, and follow the correct habits to treat the disease, and prevention, many doctors have confirmed that he can be cured of cancer by 90% in its early stages.

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