How many posts Barcelona in the Champions League

How many posts Barcelona in the Champions League


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"Football Club Barcelona", symbolized abbreviated FCB, called the name of their fans, "Parsa", and enjoys great prestige Barcelona between the Spanish professional clubs; Where he did not see him back down to the second division since its inception, and is considered the city of Barcelona is home to the club's long history.

Establish Barcelona

Credited with the founding of FC Barcelona back to four players of different nationalities, namely: Swiss, German, Spanish, and English in 1899, and occupied the club an important place in the life of clubs Catalan as it was taken as a symbol of the culture of the Catalan and national Catalan, and with the passage of time has become the club's richest in terms of revenue between football clubs; This came after it achieved revenues during the 2014-2015m season, estimated at more than 560.8 million euros.

By Barcelona in the Champions League

The FC Barcelona is one of the most clubs success throughout history, the Spanish athlete, has won 24 titles in the league, and in Spain's Cup was able to make twenty-eight titles, while the Super Cup level Spain has won 12 titles, and the titles of two in the League Cup.

At the European level, it is also considered successful clubs; It emerged success through to achieve for seventeen titles continental European after winning five times in the Champions League, and also won the UEFA Cup for Clubs Champions Alkaas at least four times, either with regard to the European Super Cup and received the Barcelona five times the cup, and three cups in the World Cup clubs.

At the continental level, he has achieved the title of the Barcelona Champions League champion 5 times; This was in the years 1992.2006, 2009.2011, 2015, while in the European Cup Alsorbr Vhaz five times the cup.

The champions of the European Cup Winners' Cup, winning the four had widespread times during the years 1979, 1982, 1989, 1997, and in the World Cup football clubs three times, and this is the club Barcelona most European clubs in order to achieve championships.

Barcelona Stadium

FC Barcelona take from the Camp Nou stadium in his city a special playground it, and consists of a number of its members from one hundred and eighty thousand members, nor Barcelona practices are limited to football only; But go beyond that to include basketball, handball, hockey, volleyball, and ice.

Club logo

It took FC Barcelona since its inception a number of slogans, and the slogan was his first is a crown surmounted by a bat, and below a number of colors of red lines, yellow, and white, and left Barcelona used this slogan until 1910 solutions m, and all of the components of this slogan refers to the meaning; Fischer bat to freedom, and the crown to greatness, but the appointed colors with the Catalan club symbolizes the origins of Catalan, with two branches, one laurel trees and the other palm.

With the advent of the year 1910 it changed the old logo to become what it is now, which consists of a reference cross in the upper left side surrounded by white, to indicate Bmudallolha of St. George; The upper right hand side to bear the colors indicate Catalonia, a red and yellow lines, and at the bottom of the logo there is a blue and red lines indicate the club.


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