How lighter weight

How lighter weight


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 ways to mitigate and weight loss
  • 3 exercise
  • 4 References

an introduction

The Almighty God bestowed on man admonishes many and the greatest blessing of the body so that he could use it in this life and the ability to adapt and movement, and therefore this grace you need to maintain and pay attention because this is the body responsible for him human before God, so the owners of the high weight and the proportion of high fat they neglected their bodies and left them vulnerable inflation and the accumulation of fat and there is take care of him, and may face very difficult to lose weight because of the failure to follow correct and proper procedures and that we will identify them through this article. [1]

Ways to lose weight and ease

Diet change: The amount of calories dramatically affect the human body, and therefore must reduce the amount of calories so they are not stored in the body as fat, and you must also follow the following: [2]

  • A lot of eating fruits and vegetables should a lot more of them on a daily basis, because they do not contain high levels of calories and give a feeling of fullness and lack of desire to eat more food, and also have health benefits indispensable to man, and most important: (tomatoes, black berries, oranges, cucumbers, apples).
  • Stay away from all sources of fatty oils: they increase the amount of fat in the body and also contain high levels of calories.
  • Stay away from whole milk and replace it with fat-free milk because it gives fewer calories.
  • Stay away from soft drinks: and because they contain high levels of sugar.
  • Stay away from fast food and canned foods.
  • Stay away from fried foods and replace Palmselloukh or grilled.
  • Meat and poultry, replace a fish: because of the meat contains high fat and fewer calories, and calories much in poultry and fish.

Playing sports

  • Walking and running: You must spend between (30-60 minutes) a day to perform walking, they are useful to man sport and burn excess fat.
  • Bodybuilding: The sport is the best in the process of burning fat and increasing muscle density, and thus are the coining body fat and highlight the muscles to show the beauty.

After being exercise sports must change lifestyle until the elimination of laziness and lethargy associated with excess weight, you should follow the following: [3]

  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Not to use the car for short distances.
  • Car wash and arrange self home.


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