How kite industry

How kite industry


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  • 2.1 Materials
  • 2.2 How to Setup


How the aircraft industry


  • Three rods have the same length, and preferably from the stems of the plant cane.
  • Plastic filaments.
  • Colored paper gifts, or can be used nylon bags.
  • Transparent adhesive or glue.
  • Ai.

How to Setup

Preparation and structure covered with paper

  • We link Audin flossing from the middle, and then Nbaeid between them almost at an angle of sixty degrees is estimated eye.
  • Oud add the third, and also link it flossing from the middle with former Alaudin and Nthbtha well using thread, bearing in mind that the angles between the sticks to be consistent, and is not cut the thread.
  • Run the thread that has been linked to harps along with one sticks to get to the tip, and then move the thread from the end of promises to work for another hexagonal shape.
  • Lack of thread and link it well so as not to loosen the string and decomposes structure which has been prepared.
  • Nlsq paper on the structure as follows, we extend the paper and put structure above the mid, and then the lack of paper-shaped structure with the left parties to an increase of about three to four millimeters.
  • Turn the excess string around the party structure and paste it with glue or transparent Ballasq that has been prepared.
  • It is possible that we decorate the plane and add graphics by pasting them over the drawing paper.

The preparation of the balance

  • We work a hole in the middle of the paper structure, and prove thread through his contract so as not to come out of the hole.
  • This lack of thread length equal to half the lute that was used in the production structure, and can be examined by making the thread touches the corners of the structure at least two angles.
  • Link the new thread at one of the corners of the hexagonal shape, and link it adjacent corner, but its length after the splicing must be weak thread in Anakthalthanih, and by examining its ability to touch the mid-point.
  • This step is very sensitive and built upon the plane's ability to fly.
  • Connect the strings together any thread in the second point with the string in the third point.
  • Link roll threads used to fly the plane with this balance.

Preparation Alshaber on the outskirts of the plane

  • Alshaber work on three consecutive funniest out of 6 Parties to the structure as follows:
  • Three leaves a lack of almost half a meter long, the width is equal to the six-rib structure of the length of which has been prepared.
  • Lack of this paper is linear, and in one direction, leaving about two centimeters of length uncropped.
  • Nlsq paper on the structure as we have said on three consecutive sides in the opposite direction of the balance.

The preparation of the plane's tail

  • Lack of paper approximately thirty centimeters long and fifty centimeters.
  • The number depends on the length of the tail, which will be prepared, and the least thing is to be the length of the tail twice the length of the lute that was used in the production structure.
  • Lack of paper portrait on one side, and Nlv each sheet on each other becomes Alshaber over each.
  • Repeat steps on the number of paper that has been cut in the first point.
  • We link the paper on the thread and leave a distance of about twenty centimeters between each sheet and the following on the tail stretch.
  • The tail should be mounted on the opposite side of the balance, Venmd between the thread connects the corners of the rib, and then link the tail of this thread.


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