How is the discovery of uterine cancer

How is the discovery of uterine cancer


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Cervical cancer

Women are exposed to infection with many diseases, which may be dangerous sometimes, and one of the most of these diseases common is uterine cancer that comes after breast cancer directly in terms of prevalence among women, indicate statistics that about 1.4 million women around the world infected with cervical cancer, and the lack of clear symptoms indicate infection in its infancy can be difficult to detect and try to cure it, what is the meaning of endometrial cancer and what are the causes that lead to infection, and what are the most visible signs to indicate the presence and how it can be diagnosed and treated? [1]

The causes of cervical cancer and its symptoms

Known as uterine cancer, a type of cancer that usually affects the cervix which is associated with the upper part of the vagina in women, and is generally produced for reasons related to the presence of papillary human virus known as PAL HPV, and usually affects women in the advanced stages of the life of any in the forties and fifties. As for the symptoms or signs of infection include the following: [2]

  • Abnormal bleeding, particularly between the monthly and regular sessions specifically including, in addition to vaginal bleeding after the completion of the intimate relationship.
  • Thick vaginal discharge.
  • Pain in the pelvic area.
  • Pain during the exercise of intimacy relationship.

Cervical cancer diagnosis and treatment

Led innovation door test, which helps to detect changes that affect uterine cells to decrease the mortality rate; Because it works to detect cells before their evolution and transformation into cancerous, but must take into account that this test does not detect sometimes uterine disorders; So usually the doctors are advised to follow up periodic check-ups, and for treatment are to choose his style building on the level of progress of the disease, before it spreads in the womb are following a set of steps that help prevent its development include the following: [3]

  • Resorting to surgery by laser; To destroy abnormal cells present in the lining of the uterus.
  • Surgery through cooling; To destroy cancerous lesions by doing freezing.
  • Circumcision or Labee through the use of a high-wire passing the electrical charges; To eradicate the abnormal cells in the uterus.
  • In addition to the removal of the conical shape, which is the removal of tissue pieces cone, are present in the womb, and specifically in the neck.


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