How is diabetes

How is diabetes


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Diabetes is one of immune diseases affecting the human body, this disease is prevalent significantly among all age groups, although it is not a contagious disease, and produces the disease as a result of the lack of the body's ability to use insulin properly, and therefore the body may suffer from high or low in the level of sugar in the body.

Diabetes is divided into three sections, namely, diabetes caused by a defect in insulin and the disease often be with the child from childhood, disease diabetes is not supported for diabetes, this type of diabetes marks the people in their lives, and the disease diabetes because of pregnancy.

How to transfer diabetes

  • Genetics and diabetes insulin-dependent, diabetes is never transmitted from parents infected with the disease to their children, but some of the factors that cause diabetes may be transmitted from parents to children, such as high blood pressure, nervous tension as well as obesity.
  • Genetics and diabetes is insulin-dependent, the rate of transmission of the disease from parents to children eight-fold increase potential rate, and in cases of pregnancy with twins, the incidence rate of up to one hundred percent.
  • If the mother was suffering from gestational diabetes, there is a possibility of significant that this disease is transmitted to her child in the early years of age.

Symptoms of diabetes

  • Decrease in weight dramatically, and without any obvious reason for that, and without following the diet, to drive be an indicator of diabetes, where the body infected with the disease having difficulty glucose content in the blood consumption, so he resorts to the consumption of fat to get the energy needed .
  • Urinate dramatically and continuously, which is accompanied by a feeling of thirst dramatically.
  • Confusion and lack of clarity in vision, a sign of diabetes, as excess amounts of glucose deposited around the eye lens.
  • The appearance of dark spots color on the neck, these spots appear as a result of the loss of the body to insulin.
  • Feeling tired and fatigue without doing minimal physical effort.
  • Wound healing slowly.
  • Iqbal heavily on eating, and also feeling hungry dramatically and fast.
  • Tingling and numbness in the hands and legs, and this numbness caused by a defect in the performance of nerve functions, this numbness and tingling sign of diabetes.
  • Infections dramatically and periodically in both the urinary tract and the vagina.

Diabetes Prevention

  • Ensuring a healthy, balanced and rich in fresh vegetables and fruit diet, preferably reducing fast food, because it is rich in saturated fat.
  • Taking reasonable and limited amounts of sweets.
  • Interest in the exercise of aerobic exercise daily and regularly.
  • Quit smoking, and avoid sitting in places where there are smokers.


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