How formate Windows 8

How formate Windows 8


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  • 2 types formic HDD
  • 3 The objective of the work of formate for your PC
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Work formate Windows 8 way

The work of formate for your Windows PC and Windows 8 (8) through the following steps: [1]

  • Introduction of digital video (DVD) disc your Windows system 8 (Windows 8).
  • Restart your computer.
  • Clicking on one of the following keys: (F2), or (F10), or (F11), or (Del); To open a list of BIOS (BIOS) on your computer, and your computer will refer to the appropriate key before the operating system loads.
  • Open the list (BOOT), then adjust the digital video (DVD) drive as a key driver for the drive.
  • Save the changes and exit from the list of BIOS (BIOS).
  • Clicking on any key upon request from the user to start downloading Windows 8 (Windows 8), it may take a few minutes.
  • Clicking on the button Install Now (Install now).
  • Product Key Windows input 8 (Windows 8), which is a key component of the twenty-five special characters with a copy of Windows is owned by the user.
  • Clicking Custom (Custom); To format the drive before reinstalling Windows 8 (Windows 8).
  • Clicking on the Advanced option ((Drive options (advanced), and then choose the drive you want to reinstall the operating system Windows 8 (Windows 8).
  • Clicking on the button formate (Format), and then click on the Next button (Next); To continue installing Windows 8 (Windows 8).

Types of formic HDD

There are two different types of formic on hard drives, namely: formic high level, and formic low level, so that it includes formic high-level writing system files on your hard drive, either formic low level are by the manufacturer before selling the drive. [2]

The goal of the work of formate for your PC

An formate computer due to several reasons including the following: [3]

  • A bug in the system startup, such as: the presence of a black screen, or an error occurs in the registry.
  • The hard drive is full, many of the files, and the lack of space to add any other files.
  • There are a lot of mistakes, and problems in the system in addition to the presence of viruses.
  • Update and improve the device's operating system.
  • The slow work of your computer.


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