How fattest my body

How fattest my body

Recipes for fattening body

There are a lot of problems that plague women and those problems are thin, some women may suffer from the desire to overweight or fattening some areas of her body, and there are plenty of recipes and natural herbs that can do the job and solve the annoying problem, and in our article this will identify some of those recipes that can address the problem of thin and working on fattening the body.

  • Recipe milk and honey: national madam put three cups of yoghurt in prepared food and Khalthm well, then add him three tablespoons of honey and ten grains of dates Loose cores, three kernels of bananas, a large sugar spoon, and twenty tablets of raisins, then my job mixer on medium speed until intermingled with each other well until you get a soft and smooth blend, and national eating two cups of it a day in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before going to sleep, that process and repeat for a month and then you'll notice the difference.
  • Recipe raisins ring: Wash the amount of raisins and then Angaah in two cups of water for seventeen hours, then put it in the prepared food and Pour well until texture Kqguam juice, then add two tablespoons of the ring crushed and Amsjehma well, then Daehma in the pot is not airtight and Keep in the refrigerator, then national eating a cup of it every day in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Recipe love dear: Put a sufficient amount of love dear Athanih in a blender, then add him the ring, nuts and Tnaoulih with four times the milk per day.
  • Recipe ring boiled: Boil enough water in the ring, and then eat three cups of it a day.

Tips for fattening

  • Eating too much for many calorie foods.
  • A lot of eating vegetables and fruits they contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals Aldharoah body.
  • Attendance to add olive oil to the food he is working to open the appetite.
  • Attendance on the use of honey as a substitute for sugar in the desalination of some types of drinks.
  • Eating dried fruits are full of calories.
  • A lot of pasta and rice, Cheap Eats and bread with a lot of eating full-fat milk.
  • Avoid drinking water or even juices along with meals or even before it gives a feeling of fullness and fill the stomach.
  • Eating snacks between meals.
  • The practice of some exercise regularly.


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