How extinct dinosaurs

How extinct dinosaurs


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  • 2 How the extinction of the dinosaurs 2.1 collision accident 2.2 multiple collisions 2.3 Environmental changes
  • 2.1 collision accident
  • 2.2 multiple collisions
  • 2.3 Environmental changes
  • 3 Facts about dinosaurs
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Dinosaurs (in English: Dinosaurs) reptiles extinct appeared on the ground in the triple era late by nearly 245 million years, and the back of the term Danassouraa (in English: Dinosauria) for the first time by ecologist England Richard Owen in 1842, has derived the term from two words Aonaneacan , the first Dinoc (Greek: δεινός) means great, or a massive and second Soros (Greek: σαύρα) means lizard. There are approximately 700 known species of dinosaurs extinct, known by scientists from fossils found in the seven continents, which include bones, teeth, and the eggs of dinosaurs, as well as footprints, tracks movement, skin impressions left behind her. [1]

How the extinction of the dinosaurs

The fossil records indicate that dinosaurs became extinct rapidly and suddenly almost a year before 65 million, ie at the end of the Cretaceous period, scientists have put many theories to explain this puzzling phenomenon that did not end the life of dinosaurs alone, but included Alomonitat a type of mollusk, and Almozasouriat, and Alblazousourat a reptiles freely, pterosaurs, a Azaouat winged, turtles herbivores, crocodiles, and most birds, and many mammals, and theories developed to explain the phenomenon of the extinction of the dinosaurs accident theory, collision theory of multiple collisions, and the theory of environmental changes. [2]

Collision accident

The world suggested by Walter Alvarez (in English: Walter Alvarez) in the seventies of the last century that the extinction of the dinosaurs resulted from the collision of a meteorite or Shahab explosive ranges currently between 5 to 15 kilometers to land, and believed that the collision occurred in the vicinity of the Yucatan Peninsula region, which created a hole Hakleksol that a length of 170 kilometers in the ground, and pamper Alvarez on his theory that the earth layers in the extinction period showed a sudden rise in the levels of iridium. The scholars differed concerning the impact of the collision on the temperature, I think some scientists that the collision cause a sharp drop in the temperature of the air, while others think it caused the emergence of a heat wave swept the Earth, scientists have suggested that the intense heat from the collision caused the death of part of the dinosaurs directly, The death of the rest of the dinosaurs indirectly because of the decline resulting from the effect of blocking the sun's rays ejected material from the nozzle heat collision. [2]

Multiple collisions

This theory suggests that instead of the collision of a meteor one planet, separated from the Oort cloud (in English: Oort cloud) which surrounds the Earth several comets because of the refraction of gravity caused by the passage of a star passing and hit the ground, which led to a sharp drop in temperature followed by a long cooling period, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs. [2]

Environmental changes

Some scientists have suggested that dinosaurs became extinct as a result of their inability to adapt to changes in the environment and the atmosphere, in the flowering period of the dinosaurs was higher than the sea level is currently rising by 100-250m, and the temperature of the atmosphere was much warmer than it is now, no differences were in the temperature between the area of ​​the equator and the poles exceed 25 degrees Celsius, but for gases the Earth's atmosphere carbon dioxide level was carbon higher 12 times the current level, and the form of oxygen between 32-35% of atmospheric gases, compared to 21% today, have led these environmental changes in addition to the lack of oxygen level that dinosaurs deprived of access to the enormous needs oxygen to extinction. [2]

Facts about dinosaurs

Comes with some information and facts about dinosaurs: [3]

  • Dinosaurs managed to survive for 165 million years, but it did not start to dominate on the ground only at the beginning of the Jurassic era, the reptiles that were on the ground before they Alorkousourat or queen lizards, and Alblakousourat, and Crocodiles prehistoric.
  • Class fossils of dinosaurs scientists into two main sections depending on the installation of the bones of the pelvis are: Dinosaurs lizard aquarium (in English: Saurischia), dinosaurs and avian basin (in English: Ornithischia), and includes dinosaur lizard aquarium dinosaurs such as: Altherobodat a dinosaur carnivores, and Alsourbodiat one of herbivorous dinosaurs , and also includes a dinosaur Brousourboda, the dinosaurs Vtdm all of the basin avian dinosaurs eaters herbs including: Alhadrusouriat, and Aloornetobodat, and instances of corneas face.
  • Some scientists believe that birds evolved from small dinosaurs (Altherobaudoat) during the Jurassic and Cretaceous finds this hypothesis opposition from others Fossils scientists.
  • Scientists believe that some dinosaurs including dinosaur Argentinosaurus were cold-blooded which they depend on the external environment to regulate the body temperature of the interior, which is this similar to modern reptiles and there are some dinosaurs blooded warm ie they are able to regulate their body temperature interior regardless of external conditions like that of birds and mammals present.
  • Herbivorous dinosaurs constitute the largest proportion among all dinosaurs Examples include Alhadrusouriat or Bttiyat Beak, it Aloornetobodat, and Alsouroboda, a dinosaur was caught by other dinosaurs such as Altherobaudoat.
  • Characterized herbivorous dinosaurs small a brain relative to body size, which means that the proportion of her intelligence was very low, while the brain of carnivorous dinosaurs contains a gray material larger relatively because they need greater coordination to be able to hunt their prey as they need senses IBSAR more sophisticated tattoo .
  • Early mammals lived alongside dinosaurs in the middle period, but most of it was the size of a mouse, and this does not preclude the presence of mammals larger mammals such as carnivorous dinosaurs (English: dinosaur-eating Repenomamus).
  • The term dinosaur includes only dinosaurs that lived on land, which is characterized by specific characteristics of the hip and leg, while the reptiles that were moving through the air or swimming are not scientifically classified among dinosaurs.


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