How do you use the pomegranate peel Shapers

How do you use the pomegranate peel Shapers


  • 1 pomegranate peel
  • 2 benefits of pomegranate peel
  • 3 recipe pomegranate peel slimming 3.1 components 3.2 Preparation
  • 3.1 components
  • 3.2 Preparation
  • 4 Mix pomegranate peel and honey to get rid of the rumen 4.1 plug 4.2 Preparation
  • 4.1 plug
  • 4.2 Preparation
  • 5 water pomegranate peel slimming
  • 6 Tips for the use of pomegranate peel

Pomegranate peel

Pomegranate fruit autumnal, be formed by spherical bearing a crown, and it tastes delicious, and is characterized by its fruit-colored shell scarlet or reddish yellow, it contains cover hundreds of water grain white or red and shiny, which vary in hardness according to the type and quality of the pomegranate.

Benefits of pomegranate peel

  • To get rid of excess weight in women and men.
  • Get rid of body toxins.
  • It reduces cholesterol and thus protects the heart from disease.
  • Expels worms from the body.
  • It strengthens human immunity.
  • It reduces the incidence of atherosclerosis, and treats disorders of the heart muscle.
  • It strengthens the gums.
  • Treatment of diarrhea.
  • It protects skin from acne, wrinkles and black pimples.

Recipe pomegranate peel slimming


  • A glass of water.
  • The amount of a tablespoon of ground pomegranate peel and dried.
  • Ginger crushed by a large spoon.
  • The amount of a small handful of green tea.
  • Mint green mushy amount of two sheets or three.

How to prepare

  • Fill a large glass with water and then boiled.
  • Put green tea and pomegranate peel and ground ginger in a cup.
  • Add mint leaves to the mixture.
  • Leave the mixture for seven minutes; Even reacts and relaxes.
  • Drink on an empty stomach on a daily basis.

Mix pomegranate peel and honey to get rid of the rumen


  • The amount of four tablespoons of dried pomegranate peel ground.
  • Natural honey amount tablespoons.

How to prepare

  • Pomegranate peel mixed with honey, until the mixture to form a cohesive dough.
  • The formation of the mixture in the form of medicine pills, then put it in the freezer.
  • Eating pills mixture every morning before breakfast, while for women it is advisable to take the pills before breakfast during the last three days of the menstrual cycle.

Water pomegranate peel slimming

  • Bring pomegranate peel.
  • Cooked with water until it becomes brown in color.
  • And then leave it to cool down.
  • Then filtered and place mailbox.
  • Drink it on an empty stomach by a cup of coffee.

Tips for the use of pomegranate peel

  • Non-use of pomegranate peel, or leg, or during the period of pregnancy flowers, or for women who are planning a pregnancy, but after consulting a specialist doctor.
  • You should consult your doctor before taking pomegranate by the people who use cold medicines or cough, or antacids, or amino acids, or minerals.
  • It advised not to use the pomegranate peel, leg and flowers, for children under two years of age.
  • It prohibits the use of pomegranate peel to anyone, even adults, without consulting the doctor, because they contain substances that may cause poisoning.
  • Away people who are allergic to Msteqat pomegranate for its use; Which causes them in the incidence of diarrhea, nausea, or spin, or general weakness.


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