How do you teach your dog to obedience

How do you teach your dog to obedience


  • 1 execution of orders
  • 2 Use series Othaq
  • 3 Use the allotted house
  • 4 teach your dog to listen
  • 5 punishment method
  • 6 References

Execution of orders

The problem of not hearing the dog orders the owner of the most disturbing, and therefore must shepherd the dog to know the ways and means to make it able to communicate with his dog clearly, and this is advised to understand how to learn, that some dogs learn through the effects of their behavior, in the case the dog adapted Hassan, was this job interview award, such as: provision of food, or play with him, or scan on his head, he will this work several times, it had absorbed the idea that this work is a good thing, and the same thing if his disposal behavior is bad. [1]

Use series Othaq

Every dog ​​needs to learn to walk, and with the help of its owner by placing a smooth or Wethaq around his neck, in order to maintain their own safety, and to take into account the laws and safety rules, referred to the need to teach a dog that does not pull the chain or get rid of them if they loose. [2 ]

Use the allotted house

Dog breeding prefers to accept to live in its place, where this process is to help the dog to get a private house it, as well adapted to live in it, and preferably teach the dog to keep clean, and not to urinate throughout the home, work to identify a special place to urinate [2].

Teach your dog to listen

There are many ways that contribute to learning the dog to listen to orders, including: [3]

  • Prepare meals as a reward in the event of his response to the orders given to him.
  • Follow the word or signal when the dog symbolizes education to remain steadfast in its place in the event of hearing, where you can say the word (stay or stay) with an open palm in front of his face, in order to be taken as a matter must respond to him by the dog.
  • Stand in front of the dog and ordered him to sit down.
  • Stand in front of the dog and ordered him to stop, and in the case of its response to the order, prefer to say encouraging words to him, or by patting it.

Method of punishment

Prefers to follow the punishment method in the absence of dog orders in response, but taken into consideration not to be punishment method based on the beating and intimidation only, but should focus on the notion that in the event that the dog something bad, he will not receive a bonus, or if it jumped to greet , the person can not reciprocates salute by sitting and ignored. [4]


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