How do you spend your time on the Internet

How do you spend your time on the Internet


  • 1 Create Blog
  • 2 Learn a new language
  • Reading 3
  • 4 Make Money
  • 5 Brain Training
  • 6 communicate with people
  • 7 References

Create Blog

You can spend his time a person on the Internet to create a personal blog, where you can in which some subjects in writing that comes to mind randomly, and record his thoughts and opinions, and even develop himself, and improves his skills in writing and expression. [1]

Learn a new language

The person can spend his time on the Internet and uses a positive and effective manner, through learning a new foreign language, or new words, for example, you can learn every day a new word and keep it, to become the linguistic tally throughout the year 300 new foreign word being able to speak a new language, and so on. [2]


A person can spend his time on the Internet searching for some sites that allow him to read any book he wants, through downloading online, or can develop reading skills through the use of some of the designated free sites, and for the purpose of improving the reading speed has. [3]

Make Money

Can someone get money through the Internet, which requires opening a special bank account, then use it to sell goods online, and promote the publication of images on some of the designated sites, or can display clothes or old things that are no longer their need for sale via the Internet, provided that credibility and transparency are entitled in the exercise of this trade. [4]

Brain Training

Can spend his time on the person surfing the Internet sites seeking about the human brain training, which helps to improve the level of mental intelligence, and this is done through the exercise so special exercises on some sites. [5]

communication with people

Person can communicate with others via the Internet, where the Internet allows developments and the recent evolution of social communication of the individual contact sites voice calls, or video calls with someone who wants people. [6]


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