How do you open the coconut

How do you open the coconut


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When you do making delicious desserts, varied and Alkikat, notify us immediately add the coconut, it's light, tasty, and full of nutritional value, and imparts a distinct flavor to desserts. Coconut is a round-shaped fruit covered with a thick blanket of fiber, up the weight of grain per kilogram to them, her harsh external casing, a rich pulp with a layer of fresh coconut, coconut water.

Coconut tree is characterized as a source of food for humans since ancient times, it is also a source of income for farmers who care about cultivate and maintain, Fetmrh coconut produces in addition to the core of the coconut coconut oil which enters in many industry of cosmetics, coconut water, which is full food of man. Human benefited from the coconut tree to build houses, boats, pots, also used the fiber for various textile industries, and handicraft items.

Coconut cultivation

Coconut tree, you need a hot climate; So is the tropical regions of the best places for the growth of the coconut tree, which is characterized by the production of Alosmaraly throughout the year, it is not a seasonal tree like the rest of the trees, and begin production after three to five years from the date of planting; Producing each time more than fifty tablets of the fruits of the coconut.

More countries concerned with the cultivation of coconut trees India is Indonesia, the first is the state of the world's coconut production, the Philippines comes second place, and then India, and Malaysia. Reap the fruits of the coconut by hand; They used the ropes, a small saw in picking ripe fruits, which ripen evidenced by the outer fiber envelope dry fruits.

Benefits of coconut

  • Contains the core of the fruits of the coconut many vitamins and minerals that the body needs in abundance, such as vitamin A, and Vitamin E, vitamin B complex, and potassium, manganese, and zinc.
  • The coconut water drink healthy full of energy; It contains many calories that provide the body with the necessary energy.
  • Coconut oil contains saturated fat benign and which provide the body with its needs of beneficial fats.
  • Drink coconut water is perfect for athletes, and they Bhmyat food; It activates the body and increases fitness level, as prescribed for those who suffer from cardiovascular disease, and those suffering from severe mental illness; It improves mood, and the expulsion of depression.
  • Coconut contains anti-oxidation, which works to resist free radicals that cause cancer.
  • Coconut oil is ideal in the treatment of hair problems, skin, resist wrinkles and small lines that cause premature aging.

How to break the coconut pill

When buying a coconut pill must be checked, so Bkhaddha to know the amount of water in it, it was the amount of water seems abundant means that a grain of coconut mature and fresh, though we did not hear the sound of water, or it was a voice lightly prefers not to buy them because they are damaged; Water is that which preserves the fruit of the coconut components.

Peel the fruit of coconut wrapped the fiber around the fruit, and then with a screwdriver tapered make a hole in the eyes of the fruit of the coconut to extract the coconut water, and then by a hammer strike on the dividing line on the sections of the coconut pill Vteixr the fruit into two parts and exfoliated to get pulp with ease and simplicity.


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