How do you lose weight without diet

How do you lose weight without diet


  • 1 attention when choosing drinks
  • 2 whole grains
  • 3 good chewing food
  • 4 Eat more protein
  • 5 References

Attention when choosing drinks

Sweetened drinks contain a large number of calories, and do not reduce hunger, as do solid foods; So it is advisable to fill the thirst by drinking water, or water mixed with a citrus, or skim milk or low-fat, or a small share of natural fruit juice 100%, must also beware of drinking alcohol containing calories. [1]

Eat whole grains

It is recommended to take full grains instead of refined grains; To lose more weight, and examples of refined grains that should be avoided: white bread, cakes, biscuits, cakes salted, and whole grains that could be addressed include: whole wheat bread, pasta prepared from whole wheat, brown rice, chips bran, popcorn, chips and stomach full of corn kernels, where these foods add fiber to the body, and helps the feeling of fullness and fullness quickly, and thus eat less food amounts. [1]

Good food mastication

Chew food carefully makes a person eats more slowly, and this is linked to eating smaller quantities of food, increasing the feeling of fullness, and thus losing weight, one of the recent reports of the twenty-three study reported that the most rapid eating people increases their likelihood of weight gain more than the people who were eating slower, where it can help calculate the number of times chew each bite to get used to the habit of eating slowly. [2]

Eat more protein

Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet, which is essential for the growth and efficiency of the metabolism of food, increasing the feeling of fullness and fullness, delaying the feeling of hunger, where I found a small study that eating high milk protein snack in the afternoon reduces hunger, reduces the calories consumed in meals subsequent, where it is to add a tablespoon of shea seeds, or hemp seeds for breakfast, or add more eggs to meals from easy ways to increase the amount of protein in the diet. [3]


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