How do you lose weight buttocks

How do you lose weight buttocks


  • 1 increase the weight of the buttocks
  • 2 mixtures to get rid of the buttocks
  • 3 exercise to get rid of the buttocks
  • 4 attention to nutrition to get rid of the buttocks

Increase the weight of the buttocks

Men suffer and ladies of the problem of weight gain in the buttocks area, and leads not to the outer shape of the body symmetry, also leads to exposure to psychological problems, and criticism, and the sense of frustration dramatically, and the lack of complacency, so you will learn in this article about ways to get rid of this problem by following a number of things, which in turn Snzla in this article.

There are different ways to get rid of this problem, and these methods cosmetic procedures that are detriments more than its benefits, medical materials containing chemicals is very large, and these methods are also methods of home treatment, which is highly guaranteed, and you will learn in this article on blends Home and simple to get rid of the problem of the buttocks.

Mixtures to get rid of the buttocks

  • Put a spoonful of flax seed is crushed, a glass of water in a pot to cook, and we put it on the fire for a quarter of an hour, and then leave it to cool completely, and drink it three times a day, before each meal of the food.
  • Put a cup of pure olive oil, grains and four of grated fresh ginger, in a suitable container, and place it over high heat until it boils completely, then we ease the fire, and let it boil for ten minutes, we leave this mixture aside Hatter cool completely, and we painted the buttocks area , and after walking for a full half hour.
  • Boiled grain of zucchini, and a grain of beans Khadhra, and put them in a blender for ten minutes until we get a coherent mixture, and we take this mixture three times a day after each meal.
  • Cuba boil pure water, and one teaspoon of ground cinnamon as soft, and one teaspoon of ground ginger, so we get a completely homogeneous mixture, and drink from it Cuba before each meal of the food.
  • Mix a cup of warm water, and four tablespoons of coffee, and rub her buttocks in a circular motion for ten minutes.

Exercise to get rid of the buttocks

We have to exercise a lot of exercise for the buttocks by removing the weight of the body and thus we focus on the bottom of the body to lose weight and buttocks exercises to lose weight buttocks very quickly:

  • Exercises running, walking, and it daily for a full hour or more as desired.
  • Swimming and focus on the use of the frog movement.
  • Up and down stairs daily for half an hour or a little less.
  • Practice on a fixed bike sport on a daily basis.

Attention to nutrition to get rid of the buttocks

You concern the quality of the food we eat so that there are types of foods help burn more calories than others and there are foods rich in calories and that you should stay away from them, we must:

  • Stay away from foods rich in salt and oils such as chips, chocolates and other foods and fast food.
  • Stay away from eating fat, cholesterol and animal sources of food because these types of foods are saturated in fat and saturated cholesterol which is harmful to the health of the body, which affects negatively and weakens the speed of weight loss buttocks.
  • Eating adequate amounts of water.
  • Eat a grain of pears or a grain of option when you feel hungry.
  • Avoid drinking carbonated beverages.


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