How do you lose weight

How do you lose weight


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Useful drinks

Can count on useful drinks for weight loss it may close relationship with weight loss, and the problem can drink vegetable juice, or herbal tea or sugar-free drinks, which contribute to raising the level of energy in the human body, and reduce the level of appetite; Leading to weight loss, as falling water under this list, [1] where the study indicated that drinking water before eating the duration of half an hour contributes effectively in the process of weight loss, and that approximately 44%, and in a period of just three months. [2 ]

Exercise Sports

Exercise sports are closely linked in the process of losing weight, where he is advised to exercise vigorous exercise daily full-hour, such as sport cycling, or walking, or jogging, or sport jump rope, as recommended practice of sport weightlifting for time range (20-15) minutes to get less weight. [1]


Advised to eat 5-6 meals per day or as needed so as to divide the calories acquired evenly throughout the day, where it contributes to stimulate the feeling of fullness stomach, with a focus on not eating large quantities during each meal, [3] as You must eat breakfast, which are rich in protein, which contributes to the inhibition of appetite process, the body is simple amount of daily calories and grants, [2] is also advised to eat fiber that lose normal weight and exist in each of: artichoke, peas green, broccoli, beans, lentils , berries, also contributes to eating unsaturated fats, which are unilateral and multi-feeling fullness in the stomach and satiety, which is located in the following natural foods: coconut oil, fish, nuts, seeds, in addition to olive oil. [3]


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