How do you learn the art of cooking

How do you learn the art of cooking


  • 1 Learn how to buy cooking utensils
  • 2 Learn cooking online
  • 3 learn cooking in educational institutions
  • 4 General Tips
  • 5 References

Learn how to buy cooking utensils

By following the following is recommended to buy cooking kits: [1]

  • Plan a list of purchases before going to prepare foods market, and prefer that the plan is enough person 3-4 days.
  • Knowledge of basic food items that need them.
  • Put fruits and vegetables in the upper section of the plan, frozen foods and bread at the end of the list, so as to buy them in the final stage of the shopping.
  • Make sure the expiration date of the products that are purchased.
  • It is advised to provide money during the shopping process, and not squandered.

Cooking Online

Can help the Internet to learn cooking; Where it can become a regular chef cook a distinctive experience, and through you know the ingredients and cooking methods through various cooking sites. [2]

Cooking in educational institutions

You can learn the art of cooking through to schools, institutes and colleges to join cooking; Where cooking requires knowledge of mathematics, natural sciences, art, and human relations, knowledge of foreign languages, and cultural information, also helps to train in the kitchens of restaurants on the acquisition of culinary art by learning from skilled staff, and can obtain a certificate for professionals and pastries and cooking different types of Union American, for example, for cooking; As this certificate shows the level of chef experience, learn nutrition and food safety, and understand the culinary management responsibilities, and supervision. [3]

General Tips

The following tips should follow when learning the art of cooking: [4]

  • The development of fast-food corruption in the refrigerator after the completion of use such as: dairy and meat.
  • Not to put cooked food in dirty pots or containers used in the preparation of food, but you must put food cooked in clean containers.
  • Not sneezing or coughing near food, and are advised to use wipes so, as you should wash your hands immediately after completion of the cough.
  • Close all cooking appliances before leaving the kitchen.
  • Removal of all electrical appliances from the water, and keep moist hand for electrical plugs, in order to avoid electrical shocks.
  • Do not add water to the pan containing hot oil; Because it will lead to the spread of oil, and thus the burning of a person, can be baking soda or flour instead of water mode.


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