How do you know the Chinese horoscope from the date of birth

How do you know the Chinese horoscope from the date of birth


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  • 1.1 Mouse Tower
  • 1.2 Cow Tower
  • 1.3 Tiger Tower
  • 1.4 Bunny Tower
  • 1.5 Snake Tower
  • 1.6 Horse Tower
  • Tower 1.7 Goat
  • 1.8 Monkey Tower
  • 1.9 Rooster Tower
  • 1.10 Dog Tower
  • 1.11 Pig Tower
  • Dragon Tower 1.12
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Chineese Tower

Based Chinese zodiac on the year of birth to determine the personal qualities, and predict the fate and the future of every person, unlike the Western towers that depend on the date of birth, and to be able to know the Chinese tower must identify the Chinese zodiac, and the years that show each tower. [1]

Mouse Tower

  • 1936- 1948- 1960- 1972- 1984- 1996- 2008.[٢]

Personal qualities born Mouse Tower:

Born mouse tower with many of the qualities enjoy are: [2]

  • Talent, and has the ability to communicate with other people, and social, and is characterized by his profound vision and his right.
  • Seize opportunities.
  • Very careful.
  • Not fluent in engaging in many business but his goal is focused in one direction to achieve success in his career.
  • His imagination and wide, and charming, and has the ability to attract others.
  • Areet professions related to marketing and sales.
  • Vital and gives people the impression that clever.
  • Optimistic and cheerful and is in low spirits, whatever the circumstances are difficult.
  • Fighting for their lives.
  • Vldyh sensitive vkhyal jydan hds.
  • Control their morale.
  • Pride in their relations with friends and relatives.

Cow Tower

Cow Tower owners are born: 1937- 1949- 1961- 1973- 1985- 1997- 2009, personal qualities enjoyed by the baby boomers tower they have a personal firm and strong, and have a strong and solid will, and confident of themselves, and depend on themselves in the implementation of their ideas and leave behind others, and diligent, and seeking to achieve their goals, so always what people see a successful and courageous, and that the person who belongs to this tower is characterized by shortness of thinking, stubbornness and seriousness, and delve deeper into the things facing him in his life, and that in and loyal to his friends and family, and are able to achieve a lot of achievements, and always have the respect of others, and be appreciated in the position permanently as well. [3]

Tiger Tower

  • 1938- 1950- 1962- 1974- 1986- 1998-2010.[٤]

Personal qualities born Tiger Tower:

Tiger born creator, and a lover of life, it is as vibrant and enterprising people, and the advantage of his thought piercing, as well as he enjoys the admiration and love of those around him, and the advantage of high zeal, and do not benefit from all the destinies owned; Because he wasted his energy doing in many of the business at one time, as it is active, and hates red tape, likes to navigate the work to another, and a little patience, and a lot of movement, a person social, but sometimes tends to independence, as it reaps the many successes, it is a loved , and quick-witted, and distinctive and bold. [4]

Man of the Tiger Tower:

Men enjoy Tiger Tower in the spirit of adventure, the greater the risk of increased risk, whenever they want to experience it, and they are not afraid to express themselves and can be aggressive at work, and they need a little bit of openness; Because sometimes find it difficult to communicate with others, in addition to that they Aajabion and have high standards of beauty. [4]

Women's Tiger Tower:

Born women in the Year of the Tiger babe, and she loves the freedom to express themselves through fashion and work, it is vital and friendly qualities, intelligence and patience, they can provide their best in any environment are present where, as they give their children freedom and respect. [4]

Rabbit Tower

  • 1939- 1951- 1963- 1975- 1987- 1999- 2011.

Personal qualities born Rabbit Tower:

Born rabbit social lovable, someone refined, enjoy the high taste, sage, tactless, very cautious, and avoid falling into the risks and problems, careful, and do not miss the opportunities, and that person is very sensitive, especially if exposed to criticism from others, and has many features that qualify for success in various aspects of life. [5]

Snake Tower

  • 1929- 1941- 1953- 1965- 1977- 1989- 2001- 2013.

Personal qualities born Snake Tower:

Born sage snake, and sharp intelligence, quiet, and the auditor, and thinker, and feared risk, slow, conservative in its performance thus contributing to the reduction of its successes, independent, and has a warm personality, and the master himself, and knows what he wants from this life, and he is ready to make an effort large in order to achieve its goals no matter how long the wait. [6]

Horse Tower

  • 1930- 1942- 1954- 1966- 1978- 1990- 2002.

Personal qualities born horse Tower:

  • Born horse tower social and perseveringly, a spokesman tactfully, improves disposition, is not afraid to risk or risk, and has many talents, and quick-witted, and is smart, and present-minded, facing dangers and likes to take risks, as well as that personal grainy and strong, able to implement new ideas, the likes of friendship and companionship parents, but he does not continue the work begun, but leave him without termination, and printing and many checkered movement, loses his temper quickly, and harsh in his words, but regret later on his words. [7]

Tower Goat

  • 1931- 1943- 1955- 1967- 1979- 1991- 2003.

Personal qualities born Goat Tower:

Born goat warm, and understanding, and friendly, as it is a requirement, easy foul, and loves all that is good in life, and the advantage of the broad imagination, large and ability to work accomplished creative, a person is tense and pessimistic, and a warrior, but hesitant in its decisions, and has a permanent concern feeling , some born goat rely on chance and luck in various matters of their lives, especially in practice, and have the character of a talented and beloved and honest with themselves and with others, as they are independent, and able to much management of things Boutraguetm own. [8]

Monkey Tower

  • 1932- 1944- 1956- 1968- 1980- 1992- 2004.

Personal qualities born Monkey Tower:

Born monkey innovative and enterprising, cheerful and vibrant, capable of heart events direction that serves his interests, he is intelligent, and his insight, and his flexible, and has many talents, as he smartness, and has the power, in addition to being open to everything going on around him, and clinging in his opinion, even though it was not right. [9]

Rooster Tower

  • 1933- 1945- 1957- 1969- 1981- 1993- 2005.

Personal qualities born cock Tower:

Your parents was born with a severe nature, and is able to withstand the difficulties, and is characterized by carefully thinking, and broad access to what is going on, it also imposes respect for others, it is effective in dealing with the issues facing it, as it was clear and unambitious, that naive sometimes , witty and orderly in his work, he is a responsible person and successful. [10]

Dog Tower

  • 1934- 1946- 1958- 1970- 1982- 1994- 2006.

Personal qualities born dog Tower:

Born loyal and in the dog, and is able to understand what is going on around him, so it is always in the position of admiration and respect for, and hates malice and falsehood in the deal, and has a sense of human dramatically, a strong warrior, very worried, in addition to being a believer in his abilities, and the advantage of high confidence, and optimistic, and loving friends, and appreciates all the people around him. [11]

Pig Tower

  • 1935- 1947- 1959- 1971- 1983- 1995- 2007.

Personal qualities of birth pig Tower:

Born pig source of trust, honest and creative, and has humor sense significantly, in addition to that friendly, and good, and hates the problems and conflicts, and perspicacious, and his solid and strong, energetic, loves life, and are obliged to discharge the responsibilities of superior energy to satisfy others, as it is simple, and learn from his mistakes quickly, and misspent, and stubborn. [12]

Dragon Tower

  • 1928- 1940- 1952- 1964- 1976- 1988- 2000- 2012.

Personal qualities born Dragon Tower:

Born dragon enterprising and enthusiastic, tenacious, sharp and foul, and a strong personality to the degree of authoritarianism, as it lovable person and lucky, and flexible in dealing with others always respect and gain appreciation, and has a diverse and multi-skills, and controls directing his energies in a wise manner, and scored many successes in his life. [13]


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