How do you hide the bruises

How do you hide the bruises

Bruise is a spot or mark appears on the skin due to the entrapment of blood under the skin, caused by broken blood vessels which minute lead to the blood of them leaking, colored the affected area in red and then the color turns purple blue and then yellow-green, and after returning to their color natural, and can bruise disappear in a period during which two weeks and may need several months to disappear completely fade.

Some bruises are serious and some of them do not cause danger because of the bloody tumors that could pose a threat to life if associated with fractures and internal bleeding, and there are many Alawamml that affect the size of the bruise:

  • Tissue type and condition. If Bruising occurs in strong tissue is Bruising larger.
  • Age as it is as a person grows older it becomes more susceptible to bruising.
  • Sex where he frequently in females than males because of the fat under the skin.
  • Skin color as the white skin showing bruises more clearly than dark skin.
  • Strike force that caused the bruise.
  • Place the bruise in the body.
  • Genetic factors .

Ways to hide bruises

  • Press lightly on the bruise or the use of mooring linked.
  • Put ice or cold water compresses on the affected area Baltkdm for half an hour and then use hot water compresses to reduce swelling.
  • Use of eucalyptus oil with onion juice and put it on the place of the bruise twice daily.
  • Use of pigment millennium by spraying on the part that contains a bruise several times daily to relieve the color blue.
  • Use boiled black bean and put it on the area that contains a bruise and then connect them for a quarter or a third of an hour after unlace is placed black seed oil and hand massage lightly.
  • Lifting the affected area Baltkdm to reduce blood flow to the affected area, leading to change the color of the bruise.
  • Avoid taking aspirin because it works on blood thinners it is worsening.
  • Rest because the muscle work increases blood flow to the affected area Baltkdm and other areas of the body.

Video How do you remove the effects of bruises?

Are exposed to areas of injury in the body as a result of the collision of a certain area with something, how you can remove traces of bruises? :


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