How do you deal with Gemini

How do you deal with Gemini


Gemini are born atheist twenty of the month of May to the atheist and the twentieth of the month of July, an antenna tower, favorite color yellow and white, sapphire favorite lap crystal, and luck number five.

Dealing with Gemini

Featuring born Gemini that my independence, making it very difficult for others to force him to do not want, it frees itself from the restrictions and laws, and puts its own laws, and do not allow any one to encroach on the area and freedom, and the character of this owners of the tower of the most contrasting personalities, this was originally called by that name.

Gemini man Although sanctify freedom and his love for her, but he does not like to live in isolation, even if at the expense of some of his freedom, he seeks true love, and believes in the fulfillment and loyalty, which sanctifies the relationship of love and marriage, and the relationship of friendship in the same class, and do not ask Gemini from only his wife, appreciation and respect, and hard to be romantic, and with respect to double his loving it, and passionate, and honest, and at other times be miserly and needled.

Gemini woman is always looking for freedom and excitement, which may Anisseha the need for stability and comfort, which always looks beautiful, energetic, and Gemini mother may be less mothers manifestation of the feelings of their children they love them so much and relate to them, and make it easy to strike a balance between her feelings and thoughts. The Gemini child it is a curious lot, and raises a lot of questions, a fast learner, and loves the school, a teenager may become flustered if it is not directed correctly.

It features live tower is generally in excess nervous, a little patience, and lacks the ability to Boasabh control in the face of sin against him, he is also seen as the life of a look cynical, even though it is the owner of personal fun and easy for him often to communicate with those around him, which is a lot of speech making earning him a lot of friends and acquaintances. Among the most important features of this tower that the owners have the magical power of thinking and analysis, and they also are characterized by strong movement, as intelligent and adverse, and accurate observation, and the ability to engage in magical intellectual discussions, and thus do good to put forward their ideas.

Based on the above, the qualities of the above-mentioned is only a way easier for you to deal with the owners of the tower, if you are interested in dealing with Gemini, you have to deal with duplication that characterize this tower intelligently and sophisticated, and try to accept the personal and contained and fairly understandable as much as possible , lest prevent you in dealing with him. It is also that you are keen to show Anbhark character of Gemini, and seek to accept all mood swings experienced by the personal. In addition to all this, you have to understand very well all the personal qualities that characterize the tower owners and adapt yourself with them.


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