How do you cut the picture Balfotoshob

How do you cut the picture Balfotoshob


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The Photoshop program months globally in digital photo editing, which is produced by Adobe and is the best-selling software in the world in the field of image editing, the program produced at the hands of the two brothers, Thomas Knoll and John Knoll in 1987 after the Thomas Noel building the initial version of the modified images were gray , after developing and improving the product on display Adobe and the technical director Brown write to the company that Adobe has worked to purchase a license sale program in 1988.

The Photoshop program save images along the PSD's special where he works to save the image with full components of the layers, masks, transparency Balfotoshob stretch and include colors and backgrounds used in the image editing process, and allows the extension of freedom of editing images from time to time, also uses an extension PSB to save images Large sized up the image resolution in which 300,000 pixels, and uses extensions of different images from JPG and GIF.

Photoshop uses

  • Edit photographs in terms of lighting and the amount of color and contrast.
  • Introduce other elements to the original image and manipulate them.
  • Assistance in the video used in the three-dimensional or 3D.
  • Web sites and e-page design.
  • Design animation.
  • It is used as an essential tool in the stages of printing and imaging.

Photoshop Tools

It allows Photoshop to deal with a set of tools that facilitate the work of the designer, as storytelling tools are available, copying, and add color, contrast, and increase the light or shade, as well as the ability to merge multiple images into a single image and add new elements to an image.

Cut the image in Photoshop

  • Click on an item to open "open", through the file window to open the image to be cropped.
  • There are in photoshop many of the tools used in the storytelling process including, shapes tool engineering such as the square and the circle and shape polygon, in addition to freedom of storytelling that allows the user full control over the limits of the shear tool, as there is magic brush, which is working to identify the image by contrasting colors in which, depending on the degree of color in the picture, there is also a magnet tool used to determine the image by the outer limits of the body to be determined and is similar in its magic brush tool but it needs more time to work.
  • Using one of the tools that have been mentioned, select the body to be the story of the picture, you will notice the presence of intermittent lines around the body, this guide to be fully determined.
  • Choose Command Cut "CUT", editing "EDITE" window, or by using the shortcut keys "Ctrl + X" or by pressing the right key of the mouse and choose the command shear.
  • Choose something new "New", file "File" window, to open a new page and then chose Paste command pressure on the window "Edite" or shortcut keys "Ctrl + P".
  • You will notice the appearance of the body that you selected from the previous image and disappearance of them.
  • Select the save command "Save" file "File" window


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