How do you breathe trees

How do you breathe trees


  • 1 trees
  • 2 How do you breathe trees
  • 3 processes that occur in the trees 3.1 feeding and digestion 3.2 transfer 3.3 Disposal of waste
  • 3.1 feeding and digestion
  • 3.2 transfer
  • 3.3 Disposal of waste
  • 4 the importance of trees

the trees

Trees are a type of plant life, grow primarily on land, you need certain amounts of water to grow and increase in size, and perhaps the most important thing distinguishes it from the rest of the plants is fit on the branches, stems, roots, it is also characterized by forms of various types such as pine trees, The almond trees, and in this article we will talk about her breathing mechanism, it in general.

How do you breathe trees

Many individuals think that trees take carbon dioxide, and put oxygen, but this belief is wrong, as it takes the oxygen and put carbon dioxide day and night, through a process called photosynthesis, the process is this very fast, and there are many special compositions It specializes in the exchange of gases in the trees, including:

  • Stomata: are slots up between the outer center of the paper inner fabric, surrounded every loophole cells two female guards containing a substance called green Balblastaidiat, this and the role of the two cells organize close and open the gap, when filled with water, Klitan begins opening and get rid of excess water.
  • Udayssat: are the holes in the mainly in the outer layer of solid legs, the basic role of gas exchange between them.
  • Roots: The primary role of gas exchange, as spread by the wet membranes in the root hairs.

Processes that occur in the trees

Nutrition and digestion

Trees are working on the process of photosynthesis, which contain water, light, and carbon dioxide, in addition to the chloroplasts.

The transfer process

The water is transferred to the tree and plants through a process called tissue wood, as it moves from its roots to her legs and then to the leaves, which walks in one specific direction, and there are several hypotheses that explain the transfer of water to the trees, including: capillary, and the forces of cohesion and adhesion, and radical pressure.

Waste disposal

The main reason for the disposal of waste is the metabolism of food, but there are some trees that are mainly dependent on carbohydrates rather than protein, and metabolism in slow trees compared to animals, they do not damage caused to trees cells, so the waste collects cells and get rid of them once.

The importance of trees

  • Necessary for the process of ecological balance.
  • Decorate and beautify nature.
  • Providing the perfect environment for animals.
  • Carbon dioxide absorption from the air.
  • Increased soil stabilization.
  • Get rid of germs and bacteria in the air.
  • The production of wood.
  • Extract many of the components that contribute to the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Excess water absorption on the surface of the globe.
  • Gum production.
  • Production of firewood.
  • Home furniture industry.


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