How do we receive the pilgrims

How do we receive the pilgrims

Preferred to visit the House of God

Is it not the heart is always to visit the house of God the Sacred, this visit certainly includes a great reward for the Lord for this mosque from the virtues of both in the Koran or in the year of the Holy Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him -, then the prayer is equivalent to a hundred thousand prayers, it is also a destination pilgrims and Umrah performers and Taivin and seeking between Safa and Marwa, this people are waiting for all the passion and heartburn and anguish waiting for their turn to be pilgrims in the Hajj season, it is the doctrine of God and led the Hajj, as if he won the pleasure of Allah the Almighty, man goes back after Hajj as a day was born of his mother, bright white is not the minimum dirtiness and not polluted that he had bad deeds committed, Viafo God Almighty and forgive him and enter his committee, if it continues after a pilgrimage to the method of obedience and away from disobedience to God Almighty. And the Hajj season is one of the seasons unique in the year shall be only once during the year AH and the Hajj season comes in the month of Dhu al-Hijjah the twelfth month of the months Hijra year, as it imposes on the capable of physically or physically, Hajj Muslim hardship and Jihad Hedda of man must be a great deal of health and fitness.

Reception coming from Hajj

From here he was going to perform the pilgrimage to the duty imposed by God on the Muslim Muqtadir of the greatest plays one during his long life, and from here also spread the good habits that the knowledge Haj and his friends and neighbors, to bid farewell to Haj and congratulate him on his pilgrimage when he returned unscathed victoriously, and be reception Haj decorate the entrance to his house as and divide the work between them. While a group working people inside the house to decorate and clean another group working outside the house to clean and decorate the entrance, so relatives come out and friends together on the arrival of Alhajouj to congratulate them and greet them, as and extends aspects of reception of Haj long after the arrival of the pilgrims, it comes Almhnion individually to congratulate them by choosing God for them to be guests this year, and attributed the reason for all this to celebrate because of the pilgrims is proud to visit the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - and draw close for several days, Valhaj is a human being has returned just as his mother bore bright white or not the sins of the sins of this deserved and strongly all this honor and all this celebrated.


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