How do I work garlic hair oil

How do I work garlic hair oil


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the Garlic

The garlic types of flavorings and Almtaibat scattered around the world, as it is added to many recipes for teaching them a wonderful taste and distinctive, but recently became a garlic enters in the preparation of a lot of hair care products; Because of different benefits, and its effectiveness proved also the skin, as can garlic extract oil wonderful and distinctive use in various fields, as it is anti-bacteria, fungi and viruses as well, this article will offer you a way to prepare garlic oil in the home easy and fast way, as well as to mention the benefits of garlic oil stunning hair.

How to prepare garlic oil

Soaked kg of garlic, peeled and section in liters of olive oil, and can be replaced with oil vegetable, in an airtight container closure for two weeks, and then drain well the oil through a strainer with holes accurate, and kept in an airtight container closure in the refrigerator until use.

Benefits of Hair:

  • Effective treatment for dandruff suffered by many people, can massage the scalp of garlic oil in the form of circular motions, and repeat the process until the final disposal of the crust.
  • Treatment for itching that affects the scalp, as it treats dry scalp.
  • Promote hair growth and Tenaimh: it contains many nutritional elements, such as sulfur, vitamin E, C and B6.
  • Prevent broken hair and brittleness: it works to feed the scalp and hair roots.
  • Motivate and stimulate blood circulation; To strengthen the roots of the hair, and thus get a hair strong and shiny as well.
  • Remove toxins from the scalp, and cleaned.
  • Hair extension, and help Anbath.

Benefits for the body

  • Acne treatment: where mixed with silt, and placed on the face to treat acne.
  • Prevention of cancer tumors, so it contains cancer cells stopped growing.
  • Enhance the immune system's health, by getting rid of toxins in the body.
  • Treat wounds and boils, fungus feet, athlete's foot disease, and all other fungal diseases.
  • Treatment of ear infections, which are the result of viral infection, and cause irritancy and pain.
  • Reducing the proportion of bad cholesterol in the blood, so it protects against cardiovascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis and stroke.
  • Promote heart health by lowering high blood pressure, plus it removes the fat accumulated on Jdarat blood vessels.
  • It protects against brain clots.
  • Treatment of dental pain, by placing a few drops of garlic oil on a piece of cotton, then put it on the place of pain and left for ten minutes.


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