How do I work a professional PowerPoint presentation

How do I work a professional PowerPoint presentation


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Dominated by technology on all aspects of life, until it became invade all our daily activities, including seminars and quotas classroom lectures and university courses, does not require that there is always online, but it is possible for you to rely on existing applications on your personal computer without having to connect to the Internet to complete your business .

Microsoft software look did not ignore what the user needs in his work or study, so it has worked since the early nineties to launch a number of applications that serve the user, and give him all he needs and cope desires to the fullest, and of particular Balmaekerosowic Offs which symbolized Acronym b MS-Office.

For example, university students to show their graduation projects sometimes offers teachers by creating a professional presentation software through PowerPoint, are linked to the projector Projector or Data Show. As is the case Aluwrd by software, which is used by data entry operators for use in data input to the computer and to coordinate their scripts and processed through it.

Microsoft Office (Microsoft-office)

Some people do not know what Almaekerosowic Office, but resorts to mention Word, and PowerPoint, and others separately, thinking of them as being found alone, but on the contrary they are a group office applications issued by Microsoft, including company: MS-word, MS-powerpoint, MS-Excel, MS-Progector, Infopath, sharepoint, publisher, outlook, and others.

Versions of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office applications evolve the evolution of Windows used on the computer, another device versions of Microsoft's company for this package was in 2013, and was the first version of which in 1990. Among the most famous Microsoft Office applications MS-Office:

  • Cher Point (sharepoint): a software adopted by major companies and institutions to organize their documents and records, and to assist them in linking the branches of the parent institution; So as to facilitate the transfer of documents and information between the staff of the institution, and play an important role in completing the tasks that support content management and building procedures.
  • Microsoft Project Project: Microsoft Office includes the applications of this application programmer to project planning and establishing timelines working to monitor the course of action in the organization from the start point until the end of the stages.
  • Microsoft Publisher: Microsoft has worked to integrate this software within Microsoft Office to help the user to design his advertising cards and electronic invitation, and also helps to create Web sites.
  • Microsot office Word: is one of the applications that are issued by the Microsoft software within a group Microsoft Office applications, and dealing with the management of processed texts and entered to the user via the front page; Where the word processing as required by the user, and is characterized by its support for the Arabic and English languages, and it also gives you the opportunity to choose your own Tenseeqatk control line, type, and size, as well as the inclusion of graphs and tables if needed.
  • Microsoft Ecxel: contains a set of office applications from within their applications on a program specially prepared to handle calculations within dedicated to this end data tables consisting of columns bearing arrangement Englishman alphabetically and divided into rows numbered, allowing you the opportunity to do calculations and wide within the options draped from their lists in bar Tools.
  • Microsoft Access: Microsoft released software applications within this custom application to manage databases, which features a graphical façade, and was the first version of this software in 1997, most recently in 2013.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Sntamq extensively in the definition and explanation of this application, which is in the first place is important to view electronic projects, in all its versions.


Is a Microsoft Office applications, meaning primarily with presentations; It allows you to attach images, text and sounds to your project, in addition to the effects and duration of the motor in its own way, and others. Training halls and leaders support school students, teachers and science students in general on this software to view what they have accomplished from a project or presentation supported sounds and movements; Where it is usually presented to the audience within the Display Data Show screen.

How to create a presentation

  • Before you start to create a presentation, it is natural that they have collected as information and data requested. In this presentation, images and all you need to complete successfully.
  • Select your audience, any group that seeks to connect or directing your offer and holds between segments of the information to them.
  • Be aware of what you want from your presentation, any plans, then designed.

Start creating your presentation

After becoming being prepared to create a presentation after that your information is collected and all that you need, you proceed to work.

  • Click Start Start button at the bottom of your screen.
  • Choose from the Microsoft Office which Stnsdl them side list their own applications drop-down menu.
  • Choose application Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • You'll see a screen appear white color chip set, inside the slide displayed which are larger (enter the address, click to add subtitle).
  • Choose from the toolbar option from the File New New option to open a new presentation, and then choose the model that you want (to be the explanation as normal templates).
  • You can slide the other side view up to the first place of the slide show by clicking on it.
  • After you select the slide you want to enter data on them, enter the address and then start asking your additional.
  • Be sure to arrange your thoughts during the presentation so that your subject is easy to understand.
  • Add formats on your texts (font size, font type, font color, italic, bold, underlined).
  • Support your own images, sectors pie charts, tables and graphs, if necessary.
  • Add kinetic and sound effects.
  • To add a new slide, press another slide located on the right of the screen to insert a new slide after, by inserting a new slide right button choose.
  • To display what you created for the very moment, select the image of the cup on the bottom right of the screen to display your project to another segment reached.
  • After you complete your project, and after you add background slide effects and texts, save the completed from the File menu, choose Save As then, and enter the name of the project you want to save it, and choose where to save the project, for easy access.


  • Not the dispersion of the mind of the public to be the project offered them sound-effects, and do not make the speed kinetic effects slow or too fast, always choose a compromise
  • No accumulation of data and information in a single chip, working to add paragraphs do not exceed three or four lines, so that the display segments do not become momentous for the audience.
  • Be sure to pick backgrounds and sound effects in proportion to the project material.
  • Be sure to complete knowledge of all the contents of the display so you do not have to focus consideration on the list display all the time.
  • The presentation that you created (Presentation) is called.
  • Ways to create presentations vary slightly from the version to another.
  • Be careful not to fill your slides or digital census bullets, and make your announcements an executive summary.
  • Avoid using graphics in the Clip Art; Where it will land the quality of your project presentation level.
  • It took advantage of time to display the special presentation you do not lose to Bmoaaz speech, which has nothing to do with your topic.

Highlights PowerPoint uses are clearly university lectures, classroom and quotas that need therefore, training courses, seminars, and graduation projects; Where it has become a means to explain and sophisticated means of delivering information more Aivada than other means.


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