How do I use the net

How do I use the net

World wide web

Is the web of the most important tools that people use these days, so that this network combines its pages tremendous amount of information does not allow anyone to get even on Ashrha from one place, and managed Internet convergence between the people no matter how remote distances between them, and distances rounded resulted in this great form between individuals and groups to the development of the business is very large, it has become a company is able to communicate with their customers very easy way, and became individuals able to start also easily own Oanalhm large, so the investment of this world in various different ways, and various possible targets has become something very necessary for all people.

How to use the Internet

Learn how to use the Internet has become mandatory for all individuals whatever their age, the Internet is not a dilemma and learn not in any way, use this network is very easy and possible for all individuals.

In general, so that the user is able to access to the Internet, you must several provide requirements including: a device capable of browsing the Internet (laptop or desktop, or intelligent mobile or tablet device) and Internet browser loaded on the previous device, and the connection between the user device and between one of available service providers in the state.

All the user must do in order to be able to browse the web that is only open browser Alannrnt who want to use it, and then in the address bar tape white long at the top of your browser enters the URL address you want to visit and see the contents, and in case Search for something specific on the web including titles wanted websites, can access to one of the search engines available on the network and search for anything he wants, and months engines Google search engine (Google), and Bing (Bing), Yahoo (Yahoo), It is possible to use the address bar in the web browser to search for any subject, Vohrth titles in browsers can transform on a research engine used by Ahttiar.

As is known, the various data that the user to look at it while browsing remains stored on his computer and if he wanted to delete it must go to history (History) and then choose Clear History and determine what he wants to delete, and the way different from the browser to another very simple variations.


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