How do I use sagebrush Shapers

How do I use sagebrush Shapers


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The herb sagebrush belong to the same family, which belongs to the thyme, rosemary, lavender, basil, and origins date back to the Mediterranean regions, since there are more than 900 species of them in the world, characterized by their leaves that graded color between green and gray, and the flowers that cascade down color between blue and purple to white or pink, can be added to food, to give a distinctive flavor to dishes, which reduces the amount of salt used to add flavor, thus reducing sodium consumption, In addition, this herb has antioxidant properties, it has been used since foot in the treatment of diseases, where used in the treatment of digestive system diseases, mental imbalances. [1]

Sagebrush Shapers

Used sagebrush in medicine since ancient times, and believed that the oils that are drawn which helps prevent obesity, where one study found that sage oil helps protect the body from oxidative stress (in English: Oxidative stress), which may cause several diseases, including obesity (in English : Obesity), diabetes, and may lead to a weakening of the immune system. [2]

Benefits of sagebrush

Sagebrush contains many useful vehicles for health, although there is still a need for more research and studies to prove the effectiveness of these vehicles, but sagebrush positively affected human health, and these positive effects: [1]

  • Resistant infections: Sagebrush contain many anti-vehicle-inflammatory (English: Anti-inflammatory) and antioxidants, including: Alioukaleptull (in English: 1,8-Cineole), and camphor (in English: Camphor), and Albornaol (in English: Borneol), acetate Albornal (English: Bornyl acetate), in addition to Alcamvin (in English: Camphene), has been one study found that some of these compounds affect the fibroblasts gingival response (in English: gingival fibroblasts), one of the types of cells found in the tissue of gum connective tissue, helping these compounds found in sagebrush to reduce the incidence of infections in this type of tissue, advises recent studies using sagebrush to maintain dental health, because of their anti-inflammatory properties. [1]
  • Cancer Prevention: Sagebrush oil contains a compound Monoterbin (in English: Monoterpenes), which is believed to contribute effectively to the body's protection against mutations caused by exposure to UV radiation. [3]
  • Improve brain function and memory: characterized by sagebrush characteristics therapeutic characteristic, has been used since the Middle Ages in the prevention of plague disease (in English: Plague), Research indicates the role of the herb sage in improving memory and maintaining brain health, and it should be noted that sagebrush discourage break neurotransmitter acetylcholine (in English: Acetylcholine) located in the brain, which is associated with declining disease of Alzheimer's, which improves brain function and enhances memory, as one study found that the herb sage extracts improved significantly from the functions of the brain in Alzheimer's patients who are simple or moderate cases . [4]
  • Reduce the level of glucose and cholesterol in the blood: studies indicate that sage leaves may have a lowering effect of sugar (in English: Anti-hyperglycemic), and fat in the blood in patients with type II diabetes, and those with hyperlipidemia (in English: Hyperlipidemia), has one study showed that the use of leaf extracts sagebrush for three months, causing a decrease in the readings of sugar fasting (in English: fasting glucose), and the average blood glucose level, total cholesterol (in English: total cholesterol), and triglycerides (in English: triglycerides), and cholesterol harmful (in English: LDL), and high cholesterol level beneficial (in English: HDL), as a study found a clear decline in the sugar level after two hours of fasting in patients with type II diabetes who ate sagebrush. [1]

The nutritional value of Mérimée

Characterized by sagebrush rich in nutrients and vitamins, where they are usually a few of sagebrush amounts consumption, and therefore the quantity you provide calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber are a few too, [1] The following table shows what it contains a teaspoon of sage, dried and crushed: [5]

Safe dosage and warnings

The herb salvia is safe natural form for most people, but it is not recommended more than 4-6 grams consumption of this herb a day, it is worth mentioning that some people may suffer from an allergy to the herb sage, while oil sagebrush, is not recommended to use concentrations exceeding 200 nanoliter / ml, so it may cause liver toxicity (in English: hepatotoxicity). [1] [3] it should be noted that there are some caveats regarding the use of the herb sage, and include the following: [6]

  • Use sagebrush during pregnancy and lactation: The sagebrush is safe during pregnancy, because some types contain a compound called thujone (in English: Thujone), which causes the descent of the menstrual cycle, and may lead to abortion (in English: Miscarriage), as there are some evidence suggests that a compound Ijrn may reduce milk production in breastfeeding women, and it is advisable to avoid it during this period.
  • Diabetes may cause the herb sagebrush decrease in blood sugar in people with diabetes, so should people who use sagebrush and take-lowering drugs for blood sugar attention to sugar levels have, and see a doctor if the decline.


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